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Presenting Your Idea

Postby Andrew Krauss » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:53 pm

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Andrew Krauss
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I gave a talk this weekend at my Inventors Association where i went over the many parts of the licensing process and illustrated how a rookie Inventor would think vs. a pro Inventor.

Here's my slide on "Presenting Your Idea"

Rookie – I’m going to tell them all about my idea

Pro – I’m going to sell the benefit of the idea, intrigue them and then give them my sell sheet which is going to do the selling for me.

Take Away – Sell The Benefits Of Your Idea In A Sell Sheet And Let The Sell Sheet Do The Selling For You
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Andrew Krauss

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Re: Presenting Your Idea

Postby Roger Brown » Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:18 am

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Roger Brown
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Andrew, great slide. You are right to many Inventors let their emotions take over and the instant any company shows the slightest bit of interest they spill the beans and throw themselves at the feet of the company. This is why in my opinion so many of them are hooked by the invention submission company. They send in their idea, the company says its an interesting idea (they don't even have to say it is a marketable idea, just interesting) and the Inventor is now ready to hand over their check book.
That is why I am always telling Inventors to do their research upfront on any company they plan to use. Before spending money with any company I suggest that you do your research to find out if you need their services or if what they provide you could do yourself with less money invested. Ask the company to provide you with a listing of their successes. Ask "How many Inventors have made more money in royalties than paid them for their services?" You need to be familiar with your rights under the Inventor's Protection Act of 1999 http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/com/sp ... 948gb1.pdf Knowing your rights will give you a better feel if they company you contact is being upfront with you or avoiding answering your questions. Remember, it is your money your investing, get the most for your investment.
Whether a company is accredited or not it is always a good thing to look companies up online and do searches with the terms complaints, lawsuits, judgments against, inventor complaints, along with the companies name to see what shows up.
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