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The Problem With Patents

Postby Andrew Krauss » Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:31 am

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Andrew Krauss
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The Problem With Patents
There Is No Such Think As A Sure Thing When Inventing

Over 10 years of coaching Inventors I've learned about the common misperceptions many Inventors seem to have.

One of the biggest misperceptions has to do with patents. And it's not just the fact that peoples perceptions of patents are incorrect, but that their misperception of what a patent really is bleeds into them not using common sense when making business decisions.

Patents ARE NOT the 100% iron clad kryponite protection that many believe them to be. After 10 years of coaching Inventors I can say that without a doubt a huge number of people new to the game falsely believe patents are the solution instead of being what they are, which is just part of the Inventing process.

Ok, that's bad enough. But here's where things get really messed up.

If you open a sandwich shop or a sporting goods store or any other business, we all know there are risks. You may make it and you may not make it. Everyone accepts that there are risks.

However, because of some peoples misperceptions about patents and them being the be all and end all solution, those thoughts quite often tend to bleed into common sense and the business side of Inventing.

If you think everything has to go just right and nothing can go wrong when working on your Invention, you will not move forward.

You don't see this thought process in other areas of business. Everyone accepts that there is risk however, because of peoples thoughts about patents, many Inventors want to completely eliminate risk.

There is no 100% assurance that you will have success with any business. And the same goes for Inventing.

My coaching business is all about reducing risk for Inventors and making sure they do and say all the right things, however I would never claim to be able to eliminate all the risk involved in the process.

There is risk in every business. That includes Inventing.
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Andrew Krauss

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Re: The Problem With Patents

Postby Roger Brown » Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:23 am

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Roger Brown
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Andrew is right. Patents are not the protective shield Inventors think they are. A patent is only as good as the person writing it to make sure it covers all aspects of your product. There are plenty of patented items on the market that have patents anyone could work around due to all the holes the patent writer left. Then you have the issue of knowing what type of patent you need.
Many Inventors are not given the full service they think they are getting when they hire a patent lawyer. What if they need a utility patent and the patent lawyer says a design patent is easier and cheaper to get? Yes, they have a patent, but does it really protect the product? Would you as the Inventor know to question the difference?

Then you have to ask yourself does your product/idea even require a patent? If another company started making a competing product infringing on your patent do you have the funding to legally fight the infringment? There is a lot to consider when seeking a patent. I tell inventors all the time that contact me " A patent does not equal marketability." A patent can be a costly piece of paper only fit to hang on a wall.
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