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Postby normie » Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:16 pm

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I spoke with work2xl "Randy" (a member here) about plastics and molding a prototype, I didn't realize how easy it would be. So now I will make a few prototypes for people to try and critique before I go into any sort of production or professional prototyping. This way I will be able to make modifications, and dimension changes related to the feedback recieved.

At nearly the same time, my manufacturing contact returned a quote for initial prototype from his manufacturing facility. It's not as expensive as I thought..

The initial mold and prototype will cost me roughly $70.00, once that is complete and approved, casting 20 molds (I'm assuming for their production machine) and preparing machinery for production will cost me about $3500.00 in total.

Depending on the units and shipping, I am assuming a final cost per unit of approximately 10-15 dollars.

Additionally, Randy and I spoke at some length, and he gave me some ideas and suggested paths I hadn't thought of before. So I need to add a few more "points of interest" to my overall plan.

I am eagerly preparing my business plan, and will pass that along to my attorney for revision and review!

I really do believe that I am covering all the bases here, and also believe I have a VERY marketable set of items for sale..