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Company asks for a sample

Postby AmrTen » Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:40 pm

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I'm trying to license out my product on a low low budget, and so sent a sales sheet to a company who is now interested but wants me to send them a sample. I only have one crude prototype so I don't want to send that.
Is sending a physical sample something that is always done?


Re: Company asks for a sample

Postby Roger Brown » Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:45 am

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Roger Brown
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That happens most of the time but does not have to be a deal killer. They want proof of concept. A lot of things look goood on paper but don't measure up in reality. Some things you can look at and know that it would work based on knowledge of seeing/using something similar.
If you only have the one prototype make a video of it functioning and send them that first to see if there is still interest in the product. Explain that it is the only model you have and didn't want to ship it for fear of breakage or losing it. Most companies will understand that. Based on your product unless everything happens internally they should be able to make a decision from the video. If after seeing the video they still want to see the prototype you have to make a decision on how commited do you feel they are to licensing your product and is it worth the risk of sending the prototype. Another solution would be to make a second prototype so you can one to them.
If you look at the products I have licensed on my website I only had to make a prototype of one of them to get the deal.
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