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Re: Mark Reyland lied his way into the UIA

Postby Roger Brown » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:20 pm

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Roger Brown
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Gizmo, what the heck does Whistleblower and all the clips about you doing good patent searches have to do with anything? I have always said and will say again you are good at doing patent searches. That has never been the question. The question is why you keep posting false statements about me and show no PROOF to back up your lies?
If you are not lying here is an opportunity for you to PROVE it since you seem to be avoiding backing up your accusations about me. If you can't PROVE mine, why should anyone believe the other crap that you have been posting?

Gizmo, Troy Dale Robison of http://www.totalpatentsearch.com I guess you missed this post viewtopic.php?p=30428#p30428 since you have failed to respond and PROVE the false accussations you have made about me . So here it is again so you don't miss it. Look forward to your response.

Gizmo, once again you are predictable. You avoid responding to the facts about your actions. Maybe, because you can’t respond to the TRUTH. Anyone that reads what I posted can see that I made an accusation and followed it up with PROOF. Something you don’t seem to be able to do when you make accusations about ME.

I stated that you have been chastised by the Owner of this site publicly for your behaviour and I posted her post to you asking you to stop the behaviour.

I stated that you wrongly accused an innocent person (Andrew Berger) and posted the proof of your callous disregard for your behaviour even after you were shown you were wrong.

I stated that Jack would be the target of your ranting for questioning you. What did you do next?, a seven page rant on Jack.

I stated that you don’t post any of these rants and accusations on Edisonnation because you know they will delete it. I challenged you to prove me wrong and post your rant on Edisonnation. You have yet to do it. Why? Because you know I am right and it will be deleted. You are also afraid that by posting your rant it will be the last straw and Edisonnation will ban you from their site as a follow up from having to suspend your account for 2 weeks from doing the same thing before.

Unlike you, I don’t make an accusation about you unless I can prove it. You make accusations about ME but don’t back it up with PROOF.

You state:
I am getting a seat on the board of the UIA. Yet you show no proof I have even been approached. You just make the accusation because it makes your rant look good and you just don’t have anything truthful about me you can post.

You state:
I am promoting Kenny Durham all over the internet and working for him and Innovators Warehouse. Again, no proof I even know the person, much less work for them.

You state:
I am HeavyChevy, but show no PROOF. When that doesn’t work you claim that others are Heavychevy, again with no PROOF other than you have to blame someone.

You state:
Now we’re competing on who gets the most emails? What’s with your NEED to compete?

You really need to read better. Where did I state I got more emails than you? I said how many I get. You may get 5 times more. I don’t know and don’t care if you do. I was saying out of all the emails I get from Inventors you would think I would get some making the same accusations you are constantly posting. I get plenty of emails referencing getting ripped off by Invention Submission companies. I don’t get any complaining about the UIA or Mark. I stated the only people I see posting these complaints are You, Derek Pater and Tania Reynaert.

You state:
Every time Stephen would post here, we’d all start laughing because we were waiting for you to post.

So, you are accusing me of posting after someone else. LOL This is a forum, someone is always posting after someone else. Look at how many threads I have started on this site, Stephen, Jack, Andrew, and you have posted after me. There are threads where I posted after Stephen, Jack, Andrew and you. That is how threads work. Look at this very thread we are in now. I started this thread, so everyone here including YOU has posted after me. What does that prove? So, you are saying if you post after anyone you are jealous of that person and have to have the last word? That is just you being paranoid that everyone is out to get you or there is a conspiracy behind every corner.

You state:
You went insane and passed phone recordings around the inventing community showing Andrew calling you on it, played the victim and twisted it all around to suit your needs.

Actually, I sent you and a number of other people those same phone recordings where Andrew Krauss of Inventor’s Alliance left two separate messages on my answering machine. The first telling me to stop posting after him and Stephen Key on Inventorspot because it was taking away from them being the experts. The second message sent an hour later telling me to forget the first message and they would love for me to come write for their new blog (which I declined). Below is the letter I sent to Stephen and Andrew about my conversation with Stephen on the phone prior to the two messages left by Andrew.
I even sent you the same letter. Which you will probably deny receiving. You have the recordings and love to cut and paste things, post the audio here for everyone to listen to and they can decide if I twisted it to my own needs or told the truth. I can post them on Youtube if you like. I am sure Stephen and Andrew would love that, so you may want to run that by them first.

Again, I don’t make accusations if I can’t PROVE them. I am still waiting on YOU to PROVE any of your accusations against ME. Not anyone else, ME. I am tired of you dragging my name into your rants without PROOF. So, quit running your mouth about me if you can’t PROVE it. Not WISH it was true, but actually the TRUTH. Just so you understand Proving it is actual PROOF, not this is what I WANT it to be.

Just to make sure you under stand PROOF versus wishing it was true, here is an example: I can state that you were arrested for DUI because here is the PROOF.

http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/Florida ... n/details/

If I said you were convicted of that charge that would be a false statement on my part because I don’t have PROOF either way.

So, now that you hopefully understand the difference PROVE the accusations you have posted about me or quit posting false statements. Can you answer this staying on topic and make the response about just YOU and ME. Lets try and see if you can answer back to specific questions without bringing anything about Mark, the UIA, Jack or anyone else into the conversation.
I know it is hard for you to do, you just can’t seem to respond to a direct question without adding them to the answer. If you look every question I posted can be answered without bringing them in. I am giving you an opportunity to PROVE your accusations about ME and ONLY ME. Are you able to do it or will you be predictable again?

Here is the letter I sent you, Andrew Krauss and Stephen Key and others in the community. I stand by it because I can PROVE it and am not afraid to actually show proof if I accuse You unlike what YOU do to ME.


Stephen on February 1st and 2nd 2011 you sent me a message via Inventorspot’s email asking me to call you. You left a phone message February 2nd asking me to call you. I called that afternoon. You asked that I not post after you on Inventorspot because you are promoting your book and trying to be the only expert and having me post after you was taking away from you and the book promotion.
I said I did not have a problem with that and would not post on the Inventorspot forum thread “One Simple Idea, by Stephen Key”. I did say I would still post on the other threads. As you can see since February 2nd I have not posted on that thread.

Now, February 12th 2011 12:28pm I get a message on my answering machine from your partner Andrew asking that I not post after him on any threads on Inventorspot he is posting on because it is taking away from him posting. In each case neither one of you is saying what I am posting is incorrect information, only that you don’t want me posting after you because it is taking away from you.
Then, less than an hour later on the same day February 12th 1:12pm Andrew leaves another message on my answering machine asking to basically forget the previous message and you would love to have me write for your blog on a new online magazine you are starting to compete with Inventor’s Digest magazine. So, I go from “don’t write where you two are writing” to “why don’t you write for us.” I will have to decline the offer.

If you will look back at emails and posts you have written you have gone from thanking me for contributing Inventor friendly companies to your inventright.com website listing, adding value to the Inventright Inventor’s forum, and doing an audio interview of me as an expert on inventing. Then, when I did not do your bidding and post a thread on Edisonnation.com you wanted posted, you posted accusations on your Inventright.com forum questioning my integrity, honesty and my reasons to help Inventors. Which is another reason, I would not write for your blog. Because I know everything would go along fine until I wrote something you did not agree with or if I was not going after who you wanted. Then we would be right back to the accusing my integrity, honesty and if I am truly wanting to help Inventors bit.

I post on threads on Inventorspot, Edisonnation, Mominvented, Womentorz and others. My goal is to help Inventors. The day Andrew called I posted on his thread as well as 6 other threads on Inventorspot. I did not single him out, I even acknowledged his comments were correct and added my own comments. I thought the reason for posting on these forums was to help educate each other so we all succeed, not so we have a thread all to ourselves so we can promote our book. You and Andrew both have stated “We don’t post on every thread you post.” Well, I don’t care if you do post on every thread I post. Actually, I would welcome it, because I consider that giving the Inventor’s even more information they can use.
Stephen you stated that you don’t even physically write the posts on the Inventorspot forum, your staff does it for you and you called me because they are complaining because they see me posting on the same threads as you. I am not the only one posting on those threads. As you stated you want the thread to yourself to drive more traffic to buy your book, so it comes out on the number one seller list. Because, you have a lot invested in this book and the book tour. Which again shows it is not about giving the Inventors good information they can use, but more about getting your sales up and making Stephen look good.
You said could I extend you the professional courtesy of not posting on that thread so you could get a better listing with the web spiders. I did extend that courtesy and all I got for it was another call asking me to refrain from posting on even more threads so You and Andrew could have the forum space to yourselves and be the only experts. This may come as a surprise to you, but you don’t own the internet and you are not in charge of where or what I post. I will continue to post on any thread I feel I can contribute to the knowledge base of Inventors. Whether that is a thread you are on makes no difference to me. I am more concerned with helping Inventors than worrying over if my posting is not putting the spotlight on you. There are a number of knowledgeable contributors to the various forums. Do you plan on asking all of them to step aside so you can promote your book?

If you have any comments you can write them to rbrown@rogerbrown.net . I have no desire to discuss this over the phone.
Come visit my sites at http://www.RogerBrown.net
or http://www.looking2license.com
I have gotten 9 products licensed spending less than $100 on each, you can too.

Re: Mark Reyland lied his way into the UIA

Postby Mark Reyland » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:31 pm

Mark Reyland
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Cyber stalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization.


As many of you know several individual inventors have been stalked on this forum, on other forums, and by email and blogs. All the work of a small group of twisted people working together for over a year now. Troy “Gizmo” Robison, Tania Reynaert, and Derek Pater have made it their mission to destroy individual inventors who don’t agree with them - as you can clearly see here on InventorSpot.

Hiding behind aliases like “Zorro”, “Zorro-Pit Bull” and many others - they launch crazy rantings in public forums, “anonymous” blogs full of lies and slanderous innuendo, “scam” website postings, and email blasts they send to people in our industry; it’s obvious these people could have some real psychological issues. Simply put, normal rational people do not stalk others.

As sad as it is for people like this who spend obsessive amounts of time fixated on hurting others. It is far worse for our industry. We have a long and proud history as inventors and it includes much more than the unstable rantings of a few. That being said, this is a very real part of our industry, and if it’s happening to some inventors, we know it’s happening to others.

Cyber Stalking like you see GIZMO doing on this thread is a real problem in our society, and it’s a crime at both the state and federal levels. Aside from the obvious unstable obsession of any person who engages in this behavior, Internet Stalking has a few tell tale signs to watch for.

False accusations. Many cyberstalkers try to damage the reputation of their victim and turn other people against them. They post false information about them on websites. They may set up their own websites, blogs or user pages for this purpose. They post allegations about the victim to newsgroups, chat rooms or other sites that allow public contributions.

· Attempts to gather information about the victim. They often will monitor the victim's online activities and attempt to trace their IP address in an effort to gather more information about their victims.

· Encouraging others to harass the victim. Many cyberstalkers try to involve third parties in the harassment. They may claim the victim has harmed the stalker or his/her family in some way, or may post the victim's name and telephone number in order to encourage others to join the pursuit.

· False victimization. The cyberstalker will claim that the victim is harassing him/her. This phenomenon has been noted in a number of well-known cases

Working with attorneys, local law enforcement and the FBI, you can learn a lot about the subject of interstate and international stalking. And there are some very good resources to help if this is happening to you.

The Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime http://www.ncvc.org/

Stalking Victims at http://www.stalkingvictims.com/

The Local office of the FBI http://www.fbi.gov/

VictimLaw Rights and Protection http://www.victimlaw.info

In the end these are just three people, and a single example of how this can quickly escalate from normal conversation to obsession.

It does not matter if he is doing it to me, you, or anyone else – It’s against the law!

Please help put an end to this problem in our industry by keeping a close eye out for this behavior on public forums, emails, and blogs. When you do see it make sure others know by pulling the mask off their anonymity and exposing them for who they are. PLEASE don't feed thier obsession by talking to them - you only have to read some of what they post here and you can see they are far from normal.

Please stay as far away from cyberstalkers like this as you can, and if the behavior continues report it to your local law enforcement and your local office of the FBI

Re: Mark Reyland lied his way into the UIA

Postby Tania » Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:29 am

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You might want to follow along with Linkedin on this topic. I was just sent this link.
http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?vi ... pPCyBDZ4Y1

I have no desire to keep my account with this forum as I feel it has failed the inventor by allowing Mark to post his ridiculous claims. These are not claims made by the UIA as a whole, they are made by Mark personally and they are false.

Here is how Mark's family got wind of posts about him. He emailed a group of us a while back. Nobody contacted his family other than his own daughter's friend...

From: Mark Reyland <Mark@Creative3D.local>
Subject: EN
To: "Margaret" <lboments@gmail.com>, "Sally" <sally78@yahoo.com>, "Troy" <gizmo59@hotmail.com>, tania@taniareynt.com, "Ron" <rjlinnov@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 7:20 AM

I wanted you all to know that I have left EN but not because of you. I’m leaving EN because of my family. I was struck pretty hard when my daughter called me crying and asked if I was okay. One of her friends had come across EN and sent her a link to these postings, she read much of what you all wrote, and it hurt her deeply - as it did my wife.
I have worked hard to help inventors, and in fact I have helped most of you. Taking my time and in many cases spending my own money to help people find a little success. Obviously you all feel I have wronged you in some way, and that’s ok. What I would ask you to do is take a moment and remember the ways I have helped you.
Please understand in the future when you wage war against someone publicly you hurt not only them, but the people who care about them.
Good luck to you all, and I wish you much success with your inventing.

It's rather difficult to report anyone to the authorities when you have already emailed people statements such as this.
I don't need to argue with Mark on forums or in private. I just wanted this last post in to show his previous claim.
style does not= Co-inventor
"One method used by some patent attorneys is to ask the question- If the idea of this person had not been contributed, would the invention exist, as it is claimed?"
http://www.yale.edu/ocr/pfg/guidelines/ ... rship.html