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Contest Coming Next Week - Win An Inventright Course

Postby StephenKey » Thu Dec 11, 2008 12:17 pm

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Ok, so our last contest was a little to easy so we've decided to have another one since everyone had so much fun with the first one.

Next Wednesday, December 17th we are going to post a series of questions on the forum. The first person the get all of the questions correct will win a FREE copy of the inventright Course. You'll be getting our $399 course absolutely free. This also includes one year of coaching. Any questions you have you can just pick up the phone and call us.

WOW! We don't give these babies away for free very often. So watch for the game and try to get all of the answers correct and you could be our grand prize winner.

This game will promptly start at 3pm Pacific Time on Wed the 17th. We'll give you the questions and you will have to hunt for the answers. Some will be on our site, some will be on our friends sites. You will have to figure out where the answers will come from. Once you think you have all the answers you will e-mail them to us. The first person with all of them correct will win. It's that easy, or is it??

Good luck and watch for the questions.

Stephen Key

P.S. One of the questions will feature InventorSpot's very own Michelle Blu.