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Becoming a Gest - Response to Rodney

Postby Michelle » Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:51 am

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Hi Rodney:

Welcome to our site!! I am so glad you have come over...our chances of being successful just tripled I think just by you joining us. :)

We actually had details on this forum but with the switchover from the old program which totally sucked, I think we may have lost the content.

If you just go to our home page and search for guest shows, you will see some postings and then go read the ones you are interested for details.

I think there were quite a few last season, but we haven't announced one in quite a while. I think we are waiting to American Inventor to start and create the buzz and interest from the other shows.

I am told you can alway go and pitch the shows directly.

AmericanInventorSpotcom Team