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My Invention Story In Progress.....

Postby Sexxxy Beast » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:07 am

Sexxxy Beast
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About a year and a half ago I had an idea for a product for my industry, I cannot reveal the actual product just yet so lets just call it a fictional combination water bottle for now. About a year ago disaster struck my business, one of my employees destroyed a very expensive truck I had. He was drunk and wasnt paying attention to the road when he rolled the truck on a clear afternoon on a deserted flat country road. This had the effect of eventually destroying my business. Which is just now about to file for bankruptcy. With all the businesses closing down last year and this year our business could have been doing just fine if we hadnt had such an awful employee. On top of that we later found out he was stealing 10's of thousands of dollars of equipment and time from us. And on top of that he decides to sue us claiming we caused permanent injuries to him. Thankfully we gathered enough evidence to put him in jail but to fight any legal battle is very expensive, stressful, and time consuming. After its all said and done we may also be in some legal trouble for the rest of our American lives. Thankfully I was born with parents from different countries, both of whom I now have citizenship. So when life becomes too much to bear here I will simply move. Though I thought I had a great idea 1 1/2 years ago I didnt bother to do anything about it because I was already making some money with my current business. Now since my business is going down like the BP oil rig I decide its a good idea to jump ship and make money another way.

I always had a dreams of traveling and being financially stable, I didnt want to live a stressful life living from paycheck to paycheck. And I always thought that I'd find a way to make my business succeed enough to get me there. Now I realize that this was simply not going to happen even if that catastrophe didnt occur. I was always going to be doing the horrible job I was in that I hated and was very stressful. I had always had a gift for inventing and engineering, I would always think up ideas for things since a child but I never thought of that as the path of success. I knew this because my father also had the "gift" for invention and never made a dime off it. But unlike my father I have common sense inherited from my mother so I thought of why he went wrong and how I can be successful. My fathers problem is that he never focused on any one thing, also he always wanted to invent things that would change the world so he wouldnt pursue any invention that could easily reach a mass market or solve a common problem. He hated bureaucracy and didnt bother to patent nor did he submit his idea to companies to make.

To fix the mistakes he made I decided that the idea I had would be a great marketable idea. What I consider a great marketable invention is:

Something that saves money or is inexpensive for what it does
Is simple to make
Has a large market.

This is what I believe some of my best inventions have going for it. My "combination water bottle" saves the user from having to buy an additional product to have an additional function.
Its also very simple to make
and it has a large consumer base that buy the combination of products in large numbers.

So I decide to download google sketchup and create a few renderings of the device. After days of learning I came up with a simple, attractive, and cheap to manufacture design.

Next step in the process was to write a PPA. This took weeks to do since I was unsure how to write such a document. It is very difficult to make a complete and accurate description and think up all the variations to the design. After comming up with the papers I decide to mail it to myself with registered mail. I asked the post office to seal the envelope with their tape and mail it out. After that I used the online form to submit pdf's of my invention to the USPTO. They require PDF's so I just use a print to pdf converter and submitted it. Simple enough if you have over a decade of computer experience like I do. After having enough security that I invented the concept first I decide to submit it to manufactures I worked with when I had my business. Though I had purchased 100k worth of products from most of these companies I was surprised at how hard it was to get any notice from them. One company simply ignored me, the other
s CEO after initially showing interest told me to F*** off after I told her that I didnt want to use her NDA (it was totally one sided). The one that did eventually see it had to have their arm twisted. I contacted their sales rep that I dealt with and told him that I had an idea I wanted them to see. Basically they knew if they didnt do anything about it id prefer not to be their customer. They signed my NDA and I described my design to them listing the advantages over their design and the benefits to us suppliers and to the consumer. after about a day I heard back, they wanted me to submit some drawings so they could discuss it with their engineers next week.

I also created a design for different and much larger industry that would work too and asked all the big players if they'd be interested in my design. Only ever heard back from 1 company. They signed my NDA I signed theirs and sent them two designs, first one was for my industry, and the second would work in theirs. After a day they emailed me back rejecting the design for my industry for very valid reasons. I decided to go back into google sketchup and address their complaints. They didnt reject the second design and have since emailed back complementing the design and asking additional questions. They wanted to know dimensions and how to solve a disadvantage that my design may have had. I solved what I felt was a minor disadvantage of my product over the weekend with numerous cheap and expensive ways to get around my products minor problem.

And thats where Ive gotten to so far with this idea. I am currently waiting for the good/bad news from these companies. I do suspect that the second company is interested in the idea, they asked the questions about the product because they may have had some issues with the size and with the disadvantage it had. I am under the impression that because I solved these issues I may be able to work out a deal with this company!!!

The first company that is in my industry hasnt emailed back, this idea is even better for them then it is for the second company so I believe they'd be crazy not to go for it. I talked with two competitors, one I know well, the other I didnt know anything about. BOTH competitors loved the idea and want to buy them as soon as they come out! So if the manufacturer doesnt pick it up I may have to do it myself, the money is too good!