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Here's to the Holidays !!

Postby noduhbraz » Tue Jun 19, 2007 12:54 pm

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My invention/service definitely fulfills an untapped need.

This Seasonal object is also the simplist, and most dramatic entry onto this market, possibly ever.

I have a prototype and Power Point presentation honed for anyone interested in ground level investment involvement.

Very simplified, this product will provide a safer, more decorative, and tenfold simpler, application for a previous product.

This said, I am very interested in sharing my proceeds with handicapped, and seniors, as they would benefit greatest from this.

I am very disallusioned as to the difficulty I have had merely to be matched with any entity that can deliver to me either, financial aissistance (investor) , and/or help to find the aforementioned.

This is neither hoax nor joke. I have developed this over a period of over 5 years plus. My intent is to also involve many other similarly experienced (and more fortunate too) folks as are interested in participating.

Although I am extremely green in this field, (invention/marketing), I have no doubt that this will multiply tenfold each year after the initial offering.

I apologize for going on and on , I hope that someone can maybe recognize and relate to the excitement, and also difficulty of their first absolute, can't miss, invention. Maybe you have only dreamt small, but never actually come up with a winner as this one will be. When you toss your hat in this ring, it is your invention, and project , as well !!

Every reader, please consider this post to be your invitation. Your replies, information, and help will be greatly appreciated, and any investment will be truly rewarded.

Remember this posting. Remember this holiday season, (perhaps in 08) this will explode into full view, and you'll say to your children, proudly, " This is ours ! I have a hand, and a percentage in this. Isn't it beautiful ? Isn't it grand ? " But it is absolutely, wide open today, so hop aboard, okay ? I welcome everyone, there will be cheer enough to go around !!

thanks again sincerely, bryan , duhbraz, noduhbraz
ps. the Power Point presentation is less than 5 min. in length.
The prototype is a knockout, creating rants and raves. good day !

Added 6-20-- i read in another post about a patent attorney working on a contingency basis, boy does that sound beautiful, Can anyone in the los angeles area comment on this , and / or give me a contact in the field, in my area ??? ty
<p>sincerely, bryan (duhbraz) noduhbraz,</p><p>untapped potential and chairitable intentions,  help me,  to sow these seeds of my invention.</p>

Postby bottleslingguy » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:55 pm

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Is there some way you can put up a link to a website or pics of your prototype or in some other way show us your invention? Can you put something together for the ISpot Invention Gallery? It's free. What specifically does it do? You said it was seasonal, can you be more specific? You need to show us the invention. Then you may catch the right attention. Good luck.