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New Book: $Selling to American People

Postby kangaroov » Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:04 am

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“Anyone who wants to understand how to invent a product and take it all the way to market really needs to read this book. Instead of the usual generalities, Ken Chuah's book contains the specifics of how to get it done and who to talk to, whether you want to manufacture in the US or abroad. There are very few books which have this much helpful information.”
GaryHoover, Founder of Hoover's, Inc. and Bookstop book chain store (now Barnes & Noble)

Get your free copy here! :D
note: for premier member is always free.


Chapter 1: invention of new products, customizing existing products, and how an inventpreneur can do both
Chapter 2: market research, assuring that an invention will have an interested target audience
Chapter 3: patents and protecting intellectual property
Chapter 4: prototyping methods and packaging design
Chapter 5: finding and evaluating overseas manufacturers
Chapter 6: screening test to identify the best manufacturers—applicable for US and overseas companies
Chapter 7: cultural exchange and knowledge vital to doing good business in China
Chapter 8: product distribution, pricing, and retailers—finding the best way to sell an invention
Chapter 9: public relations, advertising, and marketing
Chapter 10: customs and shipping strategies
Chapter 11: working with business partners and other tips to stay on budget and on track

About the Author
Kenneth Chuah is a devoted entrepreneur and inventor, a prize winner in the 2004 Idea to Product Competition in Austin, Texas, and an active participant in many entrepreneur and inventor activities. His first company, which he started from his home, later secured many large retailers in US. He is currently the president of Abiie, LLC (http://www.abiie.com), a company manufacturing juvenile products. Ken helps others pursue their dreams by providing consultations to small and medium-sized firms wishing to expand their business overseas. Ken is based in Austin, Texas.