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but can we sell it????

Postby n99269 » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:01 am

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I see so many people here with great ideas, but how many are taking that last BIG step and getting successful marketing?? I too have a product that is posted on places like IdeaBuyer and FreePatentAuctions.com, but am still waiting for a good hit. Take a look on these sites under "VRE" Tool Solutions and you'll see it's not a bad product.
My question is what is the most effective, shortest connection to that BIG meeting with potential buyers??
I'm sure all of our goals are the same: to benefit financially from our IP.


Postby Hahndds » Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:27 pm

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Yes, great ideas are a dime a dozen...This is where I am at:

I had the idea, built it, and now as of August 4th it will be sold through one of dentistry's most well known distributors, Practicon. That is my marketing. They are sending out 165 thousand catalogs, and my new forceps are on the cover. That is how I chose to market my product. I gave up licensing it as there was not enough profit in it. Selling it also was not working, so I created a company, Hahn Unliited, and now make it myself. Soon I will add more products in the same line and create a whole company around dental instruments... it was just too easy to make this product.

Hope this helps!

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