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invention #8 : 3rd generation cellular phone

Postby thien63 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:25 pm

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the 1st generation of cellular phone is for communication, the 2nd generation is a smart phone. Here come the 3rd generation define as INTERACTIVE or PCC ( Personal command center ).
Most inventor look at a box sat on 4 wheels is a car, they look at cube on their hand is a suit case, they look at the bar that stick to their ear is a phone.... When people think that way then they are set a limit boundry to them self, then they cannot push the product extend to the fullest yet. My point is you can add more options to the main invention so you can make more money. You may have to combine 2 invention and come up with the third kind. With this concept in mind, you will be free to develope new ideas and keep on expand.

My previous inventions that explain this concept well. The car, motorize suit case, I have more invention by using this concept. That how I came up with the 3rd generation cellular phone.

Interactive mean you can reachout and touch someone, I'm mean wireless control or interact everyrthing surround you. I'm sure you can come up many ideas as good as I am. For example, with the 3r gen phone in your pocket:

1) The door will be open for you (home, work )
2) The light will turn on when you enter the room and vice versa
3) Your car will open the door and press a button to start the engine.
4) Pay your grocery with your phone
5) Pay your subway ticket
6) Any doctor can have your medical record instanely
7) control all the electronics in your household.
8) Banking with your phone ....

and so on. I think you get the ideas. But this is no good if you lost the phone. I'm way ahead of you already. That why my invention #9 come very handy. This #9 will alarm you when your phone is more than 1 meter away from you so you can come and get it. What's happen somebody rob your phone, The alarm cannot scare the robber away. I'm ahead again, at from 2 meter away from you, the phone will discharge the high voltage like 50,000 volts. But this robber is wearing a glove, high voltage cannot penetrate through the thick glove. Don't worry, the phone will disintegrate after 2 minutes. You piss and moan? not! You just calmly pull out your micro SD in your wallet and insert to another phone and you back on business as usual.