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new business concept #1: A billion $ from a million $ invest

Postby thien63 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:23 am

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if you have a company that everybody involved with you including your customers are benefit except your competitor .then you have a successful company. This business is base on this theory. This is a brand new business concept relate in retail business. This concept idea never have been execute by anybody or any company yet. I have this idea when I first arrive in China about 8 years ago, a city called Guangzhou , one of the top 3 cities in China. The other are Beijing and Shanghai.
Pretending this new concept have 2 parts for simple explanation. Some companies in the retail business use plan A, other retailers use plan B. That why this concept is new because it combine A and B.

The two big companies that come to my mind are Waltmart ( use A plan ) and Ebay ( use B plan ). They are huge, very successful and well known through out the world. I like to stop here and would like to ask you guys 2 question. You will see the how the new concept works next time.

1) What are the Waltmart company lacks of ?
2) What are the Ebay company lacks of ?

The new concept will use those missing ingredients from the two companies above to become a global company with the sales combine of waltmart + Ebay. This concept is for top 200 fortune companies in the world with only 1 million dollars investment to make it works. If you are not the top 200 then you need more money because of advertising expense.

Postby thien63 » Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:07 pm

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Joined: Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:26 pm
First, lets take a look at Walmart . Walmart has finite retail spaces . For example , a particular store can carry 100,000 different products. It will not fit a millions products in Walmart. That's why you won't see many products are not for sale in Waltmart . Plus it's cost a lot of investment to carry 1 millions products. This is not a problem just for Walmart only, but all others retail store across the world too. Beside the inventories and retail space cost, there are other cost associate with operating a company such as import tax, warehouses, shipping, advertising, huge employee's wages...

Second , lets take a look at Ebay, accountabilty is the main problem . Example, when you sell something on Ebay, you have to have a high rating. Will you buy a product from somebody in China or Africa.... If you bought something and not working, will the seller refund or from Ebay ? Ebay only act as a middle man, you can't get refunds direct from Ebay. The business transaction base on trust+high rating. This is not a 100% transaction. Lower rating mean you won't have a chance to get the product sold or get top price. So many products will not be on Ebay because they are not from foreign countries.
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Postby thien63 » Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:33 am

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Joined: Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:26 pm
My idea is bring the products from manufacturers ( homemade, handcrafts, all sizes from litter bitsy to large company) directly to consumers.
New company handles the transactiosn, packaging, shipping, and resolve customer's issues. The advantage are:


1) Inventories ( theory: then you can sell every things under the sun )
2) Warehouses (just 1 warehouse to pack customer's order)­
3) Shipping ( customer pay shipping)
4) Import tax (customer buy direct from China, no import tax for company)

Company will made money by : manufacturer cost X commission percent.

Walmart bought their inventory at least 70% from China and some other Asia countries. So if a new company should a operation in China.
Why the consumer buy products from us? Since the company doesn't have to pay those fees above, the cost of each product is 60% cheaper than Walmart and also most likely less than EBAY but new merchandise. Plus the company carry so many products that Walmart or Ebay doesn't have. Customer have a choice to ship by ground or air. I have a method to save shipping cost for customers. At the end , if the customer can wait then the final price arrive to their house is average 50% less than walmart. Example a 65" mitsubishi LCD TV price at the factory for $1000+ $200 commission + $300 shipping. Same one sell for $3000 at local store in USA. Customer save $1500.