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invention #1.5 : you can't get any greener than this

Postby thien63 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:35 pm

Yellow Belt
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Don't laugh just because animal can create more energy than you. This only reserve for domestic animals, sorry wild guys. Such as dog, cat, horse, cow, water buffalo and elephant if you live in Thailand or any Asia countries. Those people call an elephant is a SUV. for real. You go there and try to rent an SUV , see what they give you, then you can call me a lair or not. Animals have more movement than human, a cow can create at least 3 times more energy than an average human. 10 times when you compare to a couch potato. The elephant can create so much energy that is like you have portable nuclear plant, it could provide electricity for the whole village. I can see in to the future, deep in the remote village, a guy riding on an elephant with his stereo cranking up, the blazing sound of rap music come out from a pair of Bose speakers. He start wiggling to the music video from 15 inches LCD screen. If a tourist heard this music, they would thought a brother driving a Cadillac through the village. in the mean while, his bother sit on the back and play video game on desktop computer. Yeah, i can see the AC inverter dangling on the side of an elephant.

If you are talking about living green, you can't get any greener than this. take a look at this elephant scenario, green come in, green come out, and green in your pocket from selling electricity to your neighbor.

My device can also serving in the prison, if every prisoner have this device , they could save some money on electric bill. Each prison cost an average to a tax payer about $80k/year. ( My invention #15 will solve the $80K problem if they listen to me )

I think my invention also have a real benefit to all rancher because of large volume of herds. The rancher can be energy independence by collect 30 watts from each herd. But they need to install at the gate a wireless power transmission so rancher collect the energy.
People shouldn't let dog and cat become a freeloader, buy my invention and put them to create energy and loose weight too.