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STICKY?An invention is "in process" an Idea isn't

Postby williamross7 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:22 pm

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Knowing the difference between an idea and invention is easy. An idea resides in the mind or is haphazardly thrown into the public domain as an "invention", rest assured it is still only an idea!

For an invention to be recognized as an invention, you need to work on it, work at keeping it secret, and look diligently to produce a viable working product, mechanism, or design.

Ideas, such as, "Peas which grow ten to a pod" is not an invention until you "prove the idea" and have a working model, hybrid, or example. If this weren't the case I would own a patent on a light beam traveling ship which climbs on photons.

NOBODY will fund a loosely tossed around idea. A good recommendation is to take an "idea" and make an invention out of it before expecting a windfall in funds. Please do not make a mockery of all of our hard work by being unprofessional.