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Exclusive new Safety Product with Federal Backing

Postby Marineoohrah » Fri May 21, 2010 3:30 am

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Ok first off I need to mention that this product is confidential and will require a Confidentiality agreement and NDA to be signed.

Product is already contracted with Licensing Agent and Patent is done. Currently in process of securing a manufacturer for this product in the SIC 3667 Communications Industry Manufacturers.

Market Research and Patent Research has been conducted in 2008 and patent research was conducted in x2 Patent Offices. Product is New with NO competition and no Patents in it's category. (I am already filing for "LIKE" Patents to limit possible Patent Infringments. This product has been in solid development for 6 years.

Product does already have a Federal Support backing. Each Government/Federal Entity is already signed in with NDA and Confidentiality agreements. Current Backing's are from the following.

OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) Arizona Office
CDC-NIOSH (Center for Disease Control - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
ONR- Office of Naval Research (West Virginia)

I currently hold the exclusive technology and we are in process of securing a manufacturer.

Here is what we are asking for and the reason why. We have already received major inquiries from Manufacturers. CDC-NIOSH has asked us to conduct field research and studies on the products effectiveness in regards to all 1,392,290 business (2009 Bureau of Labor Statistics report) that all conduct work in regulated hazardous conditions. IE: Police, Fire, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Hazardous Control, Military, Federal Services.

Please Keep in mind that Safety Agencies receive their standards from CDC-NIOSH and OSHA and Each Private Safety Agency regulates the Insurance Companies that all the Hazardous Business must comply to.
***Think Control as in Street Cone Marker- which is a mandatory product that reflecting companies are required to purchase for all Road/Vehicle regulatory commisions)

So here is the plan, While we are contracting the manufacturer (Secure the deal and Negotiations) and the manufacturer spends 2-8 months calibrating their equipment to produce this product. I am seeking assistance of any private party that would help us with funding our (OPERATIONAL) Prototypes (x10) Units for Conductive field research so we can turn in the research before production is ready and the reflected reports can trickle down their prospective paths to the Insurance companies so they can regulate POLICY operations on how each company needs to COMPLY per new Standards.

(Funding amount is actually rather Small)

If you read this posting you can tell that we have done this process multiple times. I just want to give a private party the opportunity to make a small but healthy return.