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Golf on the Moon? Ready to Golf? Lighted Golf Ball

Postby minnesotainventor » Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:50 pm

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Please click on above link to support my launch on Trendhunter. If your not familiar with Trendhunter it is where you can get your products noticed by millions of people within weeks if published. It is free to be a Trendhunter!

I came up with this lighted golf ball name, helped with the patents, packaging and advertising, marketing and launch of this product. Thanks for reading about it and supporting a click above with Trendhunter, Thanks a ton!!!

Are you ready to golf? ATTENTION ALL GOLFERS: You will be with this product that allows you to start earlier, see the ball, and finish the round. Sun Products USA launches the new Twilight SUPERNOVA an official size and weight LIGHT-UP GOLF BALL that is motion activated with no loss of performance. Play in any weather or limited light conditions that can be near impossible otherwise.

Twilight SUPERNOVA Golf Balls are a Beacon of Light in the Sport

Sun Products USA launches the new Twilight SUPERNOVA, an official standard size and weight light-up ball that is motion-activated with no loss of performance. Play in any weather or limited light conditions that can be near impossible otherwise.

The Twilight SUPERNOVA is a high performance golf ball that gives you maximum visibility of the ball – it lights up! Upon impact, the Twilight SUPERNOVA stays constantly lit for 8 minutes (three lighted colors available – blue, white and green). The lighted golf ball also features the newest patented technology AFTERGLOW which gives the ball the ability to emit light (glow) after the 8 minutes expires to easily locate the ball.

The inner workings of the Twilight SUPERNOVA include a non-replaceable internal battery that lasts over 40 hours and it takes just a small impact to make it light it up for 8 minute cycle times. As with most professional golf balls, this one has a durable 80 compression, it’s a multi-layer ball that includes a surlyn cover which delivers amazing aerodynamics, the distance, same control and accuracy that any player would expect from a regulation golf ball.

The Twilight SUPERNOVA delivers the next generation of performance and accuracy with amazing light up technology and AFTERGLOW features that every golfer needs.
Twilight SUPERNOVA lighted Golf Ball Published: Nov 24, 11 • References: TwilightSUPERNOVA and innovagolf Edit

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