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land,sea, and air vehicle. all in one

Postby thien63 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:28 pm

Yellow Belt
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here are the advantage of this all in one vehicle.
1) weight 500lbs without passengers.
2) doesn't run on gasoline, so no pollution
3) no noise
4) crash proof : vehicle retain the same shape after impact.
bodyshop no longer needed.
5) combination of 5 sources for power.
6) passengers always protected from all accidents
such as, falling off the cliff, from the sky, crash....
7) no windshield or any glass windows, but you can see outside
8) require totally new way of manufacture the vehicle, but simpler
and cheaper than car ( never change since automobile invention )
9) no bulky engine, no bulky transmission, no many components...
10) Due to light weight , the vehicle will float and drive on water.
11) with the push of a button, the wings will open for take off to the sky
12) you can take off /landing on land or on water.
13) you can refuel at home.
14) cost your fuel about 70% less than gasoline car.
15) the vehicle is self recharge while in use or stand still.
16) this vehicle cost less than $15,000 to mass production.
17) Everybody can afford this car since it use no gasoline, use the gasoline to make payment on the car.
18) this car is green because it doesn't use a lot of materials that use in current automobile.
19) only take 1 second to destroy a car, doesn't matter how much u pay.
20) it fit in your garage.
21) operating system by android.
22) So many lives will be save.
23) no insurance will ever needed.

the list of advantages go on and on .....
This is like the T-model of the future but happen now. The technology is available now to build this vehicle.All I need is money to build the prototype, roughly $100,000. This vehicle will drastically change for the better world