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My General Reactions

Postby SparkBugg » Mon Jan 22, 2007 10:13 pm

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I thought it was a pretty decent show, especially for basic cable. Karim Rashid and Noel Bushnell are pretty huge judeges, and to me, had more street cred then, say, Doug Hall.

But I was disappointed with the winning invention (though I loved the two guys): the water dispensing football shoulder pads. I have a hard time thinking athletes are going to want to add more weight while playing, and remember, the shoulder pads are used to tackle others. That fact alone sounds like this invention is begging to spring leaks.

I thought the interchangable shoe should have won, and I think it would have cleaned house on QVC.

All in all, I commend the show for being among the first to showcase inventions and the process of product development.

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Postby bottleslingguy » Sat Feb 24, 2007 9:54 pm

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I agree, I think the show was in a different league. It is what AI should aspire to be. The "workshops" and "excersizes" the inventors were put through were entertaining AND gave insight to the process of developing an invention. It was more about the inventions and less about the inventors. And the judges were better and more credible. I've even seen the Kareem guy has done a handheld vacuum design called The Cone ( I forget who it was for) and that's more than I can say for ol Ham Head Hall.

I was disappointed in the fact the inventors also had to be the salesmen. I would fail miserably in that department. I say it all the time, entrepreneurs and pitchmen are not necessarily inventors and vice versa. I liked the GatorGrip but the shoes would've probably been a bigger seller. Not many folks carrying around sheets of plywood but tons are wearing stillettos on vacation. I wasn't crazy about the hydration system either, it would put waterboys out of business. :lol: