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Everyday Edisons Episode Guide

Postby Average Inventor » Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:25 pm

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The Journey Begins
Episode: 101
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

Seven ordinary people with seven extraordinary ideas embark on the journey of a lifetime. Meet these amateur inventors, and learn about their inventions. Find out where and how they came up with their ideas and what struggles they've had to endure to keep their dreams alive long enough to become EVERYDAY EDISONS. See why the seven fledgling inventions on the show were picked from a field of thousands of ideas pitched at casting calls held around the country. Meet the team of 39 product development experts who will transform each concept into a product on a store shelf, and preview the entire season.

Patents and Pitfalls
Episode: 102
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

Viewers visit the United States Patent and Trademark office to learn how the USPTO has evolved in the last 100 years, what a patent is and what makes the EVERYDAY EDISONS' products patentable. The scrapbook ladies' invention comes to life through the industrial design phase of their product, Wendy's idiom game goes through its first branding session and the Murtagh family puts their late father's invention to the test.

Making The Cut
Episode: 103
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

Industry experts weigh in on successful past inventions. The EVERYDAY EDISONS engineering team takes a look at Stan's T-square invention, and the commercialization team thinks a licensing play is the best way for the T-square to go to market. Russ and Brent's bone-zone chicken wing tray goes through rapid ideation. It's transformed from a hand-made papier-mache prototype into a 3-D model of the end product. Also, the branding team names the wing tray. Viewers will see what Greek grandmother Maria thinks of her redesigned 3-in-1 baby bag and how Frank feels after seeing his homemade trash can gripper prototype made into new form model mock-ups.

What's in a Name?
Episode: 104
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

The scrapbook ladies choose a name and logo for their product. The EVERYDAY EDISONS creative team brings Wendy's idiom game to life with great package design, character development and innovative game play elements. Viewers find out why the naming session for the Murtaghs' masonry hoe is so emotional and see the wing guys' reaction as their new prototype is unveiled.

Viva Las Vegas and China

Episode: 105
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

Retired New York City firefighter Stan's T-square may be close to being licensed because the commercialization team has a Fortune 500 company on the hook. Maria chooses a name for her baby bag, sees what moms think of it and learns why the bag needs to be completely redesigned. Frank goes through the final design and branding session with his invention and takes a trip to China to see its manufacture. The scrapbook ladies take their new prototype to the largest craft and hobby trade show in the country in Las Vegas. Will it be a hit or a flop?

The Unveiling
Episode: 106
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

The Finish Line
Episode: 107
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

Meet and Greet
Episode: 108
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

Designing Success
Episode: 109
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD

A Fork in the Road
Episode: 110
Length: 27 minutes ANALOG 30 minutes HD