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Kelly Ripa's new inventor show on TLC (for women)

Postby sparkie » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:58 am

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Just wondering if anyone has auditioned or is going to audition for Kelly Ripa's new inventor show for women that's going to be on TLC. Auditions started yesterday in New York. I'm curious about the auditioning process. I will be going to the casting call in Chicago. Thanks.

Re: Kelly Ripa's new inventor show on TLC (for women)

Postby inventor-x » Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:46 pm

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Hi Sparkie

Thanks for the heads up.

Here is a link & more Information about the show.

Link: http://www.milojo.com/casting

About the Show

Hey ladies! Do you think your invention will have all of America wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?” Would you like the chance to get your ingenious and marketable product seen nationwide? If so, we want to meet you! Milojo Productions is now casting women with fabulous ideas and great personalities from across America for a new series on TLC to help women inventors get their ideas off the ground and into American homes. If you have a brilliant product and a working prototype, TLC and Kelly Ripa want to help you manufacture, market and sell it on HSN!


- Women 18 and over who are US Citizens
- Must have a unique invention or product and a working prototype
- Great, outgoing personality and plenty of passion to back up your great product or invention!
- All applicants are subject to background check and standard television release forms

*Prohibited products: weapons, alcohol, dietary supplements, weight loss products, medical devices, and skin care products with aggressive claims

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply. Open call auditions have been scheduled in select cities and we’d love to meet you face to face! Bring your product invention and prepared pitch to the site, and if you are a match you will be granted a video interview!

If you can’t make it to an open call, you may submit a video audition by mail or by uploading it to our site directly.


Open Casting Call Information:

Open calls will be held in New York (June 9th & 10th), Dallas (June 18th & 19th), Los Angeles (June 21st & 22nd), and Chicago (June 25th & 26th). If you would like to pitch your invention in person, please follow instructions below:

-Fill out and print the attached application and bring a copy with you. Applicants without printed applications/releases will not be seen by our judges!

-Prepare a 30-second verbal pitch that describes your product or invention and its function.

-Prepare a 2-minute active presentation demonstrating your invention or product. This must include a tangible, working prototype.

-Arrive at the audition site with your paper work, your prototype, and lots of personality!

- Dress colorfully as all black and white outfits aren’t great for TV.


You are not guaranteed a video audition just for showing up, so be prepared to wow the preliminary judges with the 30 second pitch. If selected for a video audition, presentations that run over three minutes will be cut off. The presentation must include a demonstration of the product/invention, therefore you must have a working prototype.

Please click on link below to RSVP to an open call.

New York City Area Applicant RSVP
DoubleTree Metropolitan Hotel
569 Lexington Ave (Entrance on 51st between 3rd and Lex)
New York, NY 10022

*Please DO NOT call venue for information*

Los Angeles Area Applicant RSVP
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

*Please DO NOT call venue for information*

Dallas Area Applicant RSVP
The Westin City Center
650 North Pearl Street
Dallas, TX 75201


*Please DO NOT call venue for information*

Chicago Area Applicant RSVP
Courtyard by Marriott Magnificent Mile
165 E Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60611


*Please DO NOT call venue for information*

TLC Inventor Show Application.pdf

Appl ication/Release for TLC Woman Inventor Show
Name & D.O.B.
Are you attending an open call (if so where?) or sending a video?

Name of Product/Concept/Invention

Have you obtained a patent?
Thank you for your interest in being considered for the TLC Woman
Inventor Show. We are seeking great personalities, so in order for us
to get to know you, please answer the following questions. Please
be advised that all potential contributors are subject to background
1. Tell us about yourself. Please include your occupation, and tell us about any spouse or
2. Tell us about your product or invention. What is it called? What does it do? What does it
look like?
3. Why did you invent it? Is there a story? What problem does it solve? Who is it for?
4. How much money have you spent on your idea? How much time have you invested in
your idea?
5. What do you friends or family think of your idea? Are they supportive?
6. Have you always been and inventor? How did you get the idea for your
7. Is your product currently being sold? If so, where?
8. Have you ever pitched this or any other idea to HSN Before? If so, when? What did you
pitch? How did it go?
9. Outside of your invention, what is unique/funny/exciting about YOU?
10. Why should you be selected for this opportunity? Why is your idea better than the rest?
11. How would this change your life? How would this change the life of your family?
12. Tell us 3 things we wouldn’t know just by looking at you?
13. Have you been on TV before? If so please list name of show and dates.
14. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, please explain.
15. How did you hear about the show?

Discovery Studios, LLC (“Producer”) has accepted your application to participate in a taping of you and your
product for consideration in connection with a possible television program (“Program”). In connection with this
taping, and all resulting materials (“Materials”), you agree to all of the terms and policies outlined in this
Owner of a Product or Prototype
Your submission will only be considered at your request and with your guarantee that, to the best of your
knowledge, you are the sole originator of the product or prototype and you have the legal right to submit it to
Producer for consideration.
Of Age
You are at least 18 years of age and have the full legal right to enter into this Agreement and participate in the
casting for the Program.
Disclosure Not Confidential
You accept that Producer may discuss your concept with
employees, and possibly others, to evaluate its usefulness to Producer. You understand that any consideration of
your written or verbal submission does not create a confidential relationship between you and Producer.
Private Information
You acknowledge that you may be submitting personal and other private information about you and your
inventions, research and development into products that you have invented, that you are under no obligation to,
and do so on your own free will. Producer may disclose the private information to others.
Materials Not Returned / No Obligation of Producer
Producer is not obligated to return any Materials to you. Producer may keep all Materials, may disseminate them
third parties, or destroy them. Producer is under no obligation to review or consider the Materials or to select you
to participate in the Program.
Conception By Producer
Producer may already be exploring products or prototypes generated by other applicants or other outside sources
that resemble your submission. In some cases, similar or identical products or prototypes may exist and be under
consideration for the Program. Therefore, you agree to renounce any claim that Producer misappropriated any
portion of your submission in any future programs or activities of Producer.
No Prejudice
Producer’s consideration of products you submit, or negotiations to use them, does not waive Producer’s right to
contest your patent, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.
No Compensation / Further Agreements
Your participation in the taping for casting purposes and review of any products that you submit does not imply
that Producer agrees to compensate you. Should Producer select you to participate in the next stage of casting
for the Program, you will execute waivers and release agreements, including, but not limited to, an applicant
agreement and release and other agreement(s) as required by the Producer.
The above conditions may not be changed or waived except in writing and signed by an officer of Producer.
I have read submission policy and agreement, and I agree to the conditions
contained therein.


Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _____________
Print Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Telephone # : _____________________________________ Fax # : _______________________
Please print and sign these forms. If you are attending an open call, you MUST bring it with
you to audition. If you are uploading or mailing a video, you MUST mail or fax
completed/signed forms to:
Milojo Productions/Woman Inventor Show Casting
850 Third Ave. (10th Floor)
New York, NY 10022
Fax 212 548 5832

Video Submission Information:

If you are unable to attend an open call (preferred), then you are welcome to submit a video submission. Submissions must be uploaded or postmarked by July 1st, 2009. The video has three required components, but you may add anything else you’d like on the end of the video. Applicants who attend the open call are also permitted to send a video submission, but it is not required. To submit a video audition, please follow instructions below:

-Fill out and print the attached application.

-Set up a camera in a nice bright space without noise, music, or other distractions. Tape the following components in this order:

Component I: 30-Second Verbal Pitch – Briefly introduce yourself and your product with an intriguing couple of sentences that lets us know what your invention does without having to physically demonstrate it.

Component II: 2-minute Demonstration – Show us your product invention anyway you like, but it must include the demonstration of a working prototype, and it must be done in two minutes or less!

Component III: Bio – give us a little bit about you and perhaps the history of your invention! This is a chance to really let your personality shine through!

-If you have anything additional, feel free to add it after the above components!

Videos may be submitted in the following ways:

Mail your video AND printed application to us at:

Milojo Productions

Inventor Show Casting
850 Third Ave
10th Floor
New York, NY 10022


Upload your video by clicking here. You MUST mail your signed application to the above address marked Video Submission, or fax to 212-548-5832, Attn Inventor Show Casting.

Applications MUST be received by July 1st, 2009.

Videos submitted without printed applications WILL NOT be considered.

Accepted formats: MiniDV, DVD, MiniDVD.

If you have any questions, comments, or require any additional information, send us an email us at: casting@milojo.com

This also could have gone under "Contests, Licensing Shows, and Other Inventor Events"

I will copy & past this in that section.

Best wishes to all that apply :lol: