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Postby KalelKent » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:11 am

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ohhh, my feelings are hurt. :cry:

Enjoy your life. I have better things to do. :roll:

But thanks for reminding me to shut off the email notifications.

Postby Boom Man » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:16 am

Boom Man
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Oh, I thought you were going to bed, and signed off a long time ago. Yea, your e-mail notifications woke you up... You have your computer on close to you and a siren goes off when you receive an e-mail...

Yea, that's believable...


Postby Roger Brown » Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:52 am

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Roger Brown
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Whamzam wrote:

Yea, i've got 4 inventions on the market right now selling very well. I'm not going to point to them right now. That's like going in to a Karate school challenging the chief instructor to a fight..... Even if you win, you've got the other instructors and students wanting revenge after you are tired. You can't win even if you win.

Congratulations! I am not playing poker with you to see who has the bigger hand. I want to see any inventions Inventors have gotten to market. It helps inspire them to try harder seeing others make it.

Sorry to see you feel Edison Nation and Everyday Edisons have no value for Inventors. If you watched American Inventor it was more about who had the biggest sob story over the invention. Plus you only had one winner. Everyday Edisons picked 14 to go forward. Yes, they turned down those with finished products since their show premise is showing the viewer the from raw idea to the finished product. You can't show that path on a product that is finished and ready for the shelf.

Are you aware that if you came to an Everyday Edisons audition with a finished product that has mass market potential your product was shown to large retailers like Lowe's, QVC and others at that audition? Where else can an Inventor have the chance of getting on T.V. having their product go from raw idea to shelf, be presented to major retailers all in one place for free?
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Postby Envizion » Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:54 am

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Whamzam -

I am just curious why you didn't start this "Challenge" over on EN's forum? Why not adress the issues with the actual staff and give them a chance to address your issues? If you are so confident that you are right than the staff would be speachless and you would look like a hero right?

Why did you challenge EN at InventorSpot and then when people bring up any points in their defense resort to calling them pets or suck ups? It's like you have this long stick and you are poking EE/EN from a distance and anyone that disagrees with you is scorn.

If you didn't bring this up over at EN and you are defensive against anyone challenging your accusations - then what is your mission? What's your goal exactly...to be right?

It's obvious that this thread was not started to open up debate but was more of a dictator thread where you voice your opnion and anyone that agrees with you are welcome anyone challenging you - look out!

So EN staff can't defend themselves, EN members can't defend EN - exactly who can have an opposing opinion against yours?

I didn't know this thread had Whamzam debating rules assigned to it.


It's your idea, choose the best avenue!

Postby muddejp » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:43 am

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WhamZam and Everyone else.
I am an inventor and I do not have any connection with Edison Nation or affiliates. I have submitted ideas to them and I am part of the forum, but my ideas have not been selected by them (yet anyway).

As an inventor it is your decision what to do with your idea. You have many options. Edison Nation and Everyday Edisons are a couple of your options.

Before submitting an idea to any invention submission company it is important to determine the capabilities that they have. Do your research and if you don't believe that they can bring your product to market then keep looking for someone that has some experience in the particular market that you are looking to enter.

Edison Nation has a unique business model. They inspire design by introducing product searches that are sponsored by an actual retailer looking to fill a market void. The fee for submissions is small $25 which is the smallest that I have seen for any invention submission company. Granted they probably make a decent profit off of rejected submission if you consider each product search will produce a 1000 or more entries.

In the scheme of things, $25k is not a whole lot of money when you are talking about bringing products to market, and considering overhead and web costs come out of that as well. Not to mention, when you are talking about business, $25 per submission does not go a long way, even to pay for the salary of the person who has to read it.

I believe that you should only put up money that you are willing to lose. If your idea is not selected, it does not necessarily mean that it is not a good idea. I have yet to see a product that was selected by Enventys that was not taken as far as I thought that particular product could go. I believe they pass up products that may be too big for them or they don't have a connection with a retailer or distribution channel for.

As far as being Good Guys or not. Inventors always have to protect themselves, this is business. Luckily the FTC is cracking down on Inventor submission companies. If you read Inventors Digest.... you will see an article about the FTC lawsuit against Davison and Associates forcing them to pay $10.7 million in damages. This settlement is going to force companies like Edison Nation to disclose information about their success rate vs. product submissions. I am sure this will be forthcoming. Until then, at least you can make your own determination based on communications with actual people who have been selected. These are not just selected testimonials but actual people. This is far more than you get with other inventor submission companies. So far, I believe I got my money's worth out of it. I didn't have to take out a loan. I met some great people. I am having fun. I still own my ideas.

Postby Boom Man » Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:31 pm

Boom Man
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You didn't respond to the earlier post about YOU in fact being the one who attacked Whamzam. And you keep talking trash about why Whamzam doesn't / didn't start this thread over at Edison. You've made this point several times as if it is your best offense. But you haven't even established the Whamzam is even a member of EN. Why do you have this theory in your head that "OH this guy has to be a member of EN."

In case you didn't know it, InventorSpot has been around long before EN. This forum has alot more members than EN, probably 3 times as many. So what hypothesis do you have that everyone who is a member of InventorSpot has somehow GOT to be a member of EN?

Just like me, if you go to my profile, you can see that I've been a member of InventorSpot for over a year. I don't believe that the EN forum has even been online for a year.

But from your profile of only being a member for 1 day and number of post (5) that you joined just to come over here and attack Whamzam, because in your mind, it gave you a perfect opportunity to score points with the EN staff. I don't see how there could be more proof of brown nosing than that.

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So you are a newbie over here, and obviously a newbie at EN, because everybody is a newbie at EN since the site is probably less than a year old. From previous posts you have made it obvious that you can't figure out how to actually make any inventions, but merely sketch out an original concept. You don't know how to bring a product to market without the help of an invention submission company....

I think it is safe to say that you are obviously an amature inventor who doesn't know anything, but wants top sound off a mouth as if you do.

Postby muddejp » Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:53 pm

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Boom Man,
Since you are checking peoples' seniority over here, you should check the seniority of the author of this thread. WhamZam joined on Oct 5 just a couple of days ago as well and may have come to this forum just to vent.

It really doesn't mean much whether you post on a lot of forums or not. What matters is the inventions that you bring to market and if you are willing to share that experience to help other inventors do the same.

I am going to try every avenue available to me to get some of my ideas to market including Everyday Edisons and Edison Nation. When I have reached my goal, I will be more than happy to tell people which methods worked and which did not.

Obviously Edison Nation has brought a lot of inventors together recently and we have learned that community is helpful. So many of the new faces on the inventors web are a result of a different venue attracting more inventors to the forums. Being new on a forum does not necessarily reflect the success or experience of an inventor. I am learning more each day about this process and I am sure that it will help in the long run.

Postby Boom Man » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:02 pm

Boom Man
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It's not anything to do with seniority. It is about the timing, number of post (5) .... (all of which were directed against Whamzam). When she joined (just minutes before her first attack against Whamzam)
How can you come up with any other possible conclusion why she joined?

Postby Envizion » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:28 pm

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Boom Man -

I also joined Inventright's forum a few days ago too and Mommymillionaire a week or two ago. I didn't post anything negative there or brag about EN or anything like that. I am trying ot get information about inventing and new product development in all areas that I can. I am not glued to EN's side contrary to your belief. I just so happened to look here and see a thread on EN and that's how I got here.

As far as brownie points go, I'll have to check my brownie point manual to see how many I'd get for sticking up for EN. Maybe you could help me out...what exactly do you think they'll give me for defending them? Will they make me win a contest? Will they make me an employee? Maybe they'll take me out to dinner??? Oh, the possiblities.

I seriously cannot comprehend what brownie points I would gain for defending EN? I think at most I'd get is a thank you. And that's fine because I don't want or expect anything. I am only speaking my mind here.

I've never hired an inventor's agency to help me with my inventing. I am doing it myself and I have made a lot of great connections through EN like Roger Brown who is helping me bring my products to market. I admit I'm learning and so are alot of people out there. They are also looking for a good place to network and help them on their journey.

For some reason that really bothers you. Why??? Did you enter a contest from EN and it got rejected?

It seems to me that you and Whamzam make a perfect team...a littel too perfect. I think you're his wingman and judging by the anger that you are displaying I would venture to guess that you might have had a contest entry rejected by EN or you are one of their competitors?

Maybe you're the one getting brownie points for trashing EN? Or maybe you're just a monkey on somebody's payroll posing as an independent inventor?

Postby Boom Man » Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:51 pm

Boom Man
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So you created 2 memberships within a few days? Why? Why do you want to waste resources over here for 1 thing....? Then you set up a specific member name to assault Whamzam and everybody who disagrees with. Why on earth would anybody have 2 membership login-in names to the same forum?

Not only is this hard to believe, but if it is true, it is either stupid, or mischevious. And it certainly wastes resources such as gigabytes on InventorSpot forum.

You never did answer why YOU attacked Whamzam. If you look down the posts from the beginning, it is clear that Whamzam hadn't said a single word to you or about you UNTIL -- you accused Whamzam of

a) talking trash
(b) being a closet lurker
(c) insinuating that Whamzam was a liar

You are the obvious aggresser. But as far as what you think about what is your greatest offense on Whamzam about not starting this thread on EN,
even though you haven't established that he is even a member other than you outlandish theory, Whamzam already answered that about something different but still applies (probably better here) and I'll copy:

That's like going in to a Karate school challenging the chief instructor to a fight..... Even if you win, you've got the other instructors and students wanting revenge after you are tired. You can't win even if you win.

So do you know how moronic it is to suggest such a thing? Not that this is exactly nuetral territory. But some people aren't exactly that moronic.