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I Hope There Is Not An AI Season 3!

Postby wrek » Tue Jan 15, 2008 4:33 pm

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My experience auditoning for AI Season 2 was not worth the trouble.

I made it through all three of my auditions, received 3 yes's from the TV judges, and after completing filming and interviews for two days, I was told I was the New York Finalist. They even filmed me running up and down the streets of NY screaming "I am the New York Finalist". I watched the producers write "YES TV" on my audition papers, and it really looked like I was going to be on the show.

In the meantime, I sent copies of their contracts to three entertainment lawyers and one Patent attorney for review. All four said they were the worst, one sided contracts they had ever read, and advised me not to sign them.

All of the stuff that "the Producers" protect themselves for, in perpetuity, absolutely gives them the right to completely screw the inventor at their discretion. They say they won't, but it is still in the contracts.

I really needed the chance to show my invention worked, so I decided to sign the contracts anyways.

Two weeks later, I received a call from the producers telling me it would be a bit longer before they decided who would be the regional "finalist" for TV and California. I became concerned, because I thought it was definite.

I asked the producer if signing the contracts meant that I couldn't manufacture or sell my invention during the wait. He said I could not manufacture or sell my invention for the term of the contracts. I told the producer it would not be fair to me to have to stop selling or manufacturing my invention, unless I received a definite yes for the show. Afterall, it is my business. He said I am bound by the terms of the contract I signed.

I told him I had signed ALL of the contracts, including the AI winner contract, so did that mean I should get the $1MIL too? I guess he didn't like my sense of humor, or an inventors right to defend himself against extremely unfair, predatory contracts that are absolutely not in the best interest of the inventor.

They really do enforce their "NON NEGOTIABLE" clauses to the fullest extent. What am I saying, the entire contract(s) and every single aspect of the show and an inventor's future is non negotiable. Who ever heard of an inventor having to give up their rights with regards to a "licensing agreement" for their own invention!

Anyways, they called me back two weeks later and said I would not be the regional finalist for the show. DAH! I was extremely upset at their decision, but hoped that as NY finalist, I would be seen on the show as NY finalist anyways.

As I watched the show, it soon became clear that they did not show my segment at all! I did two days of filming and interviews for nothing!
They showed my face for one second, waiting in line!

Instead, they showed fifteen minutes of a guy in a cat suit, who wasn't even an inventor, and the guy with the toilet/urinal thing. I was the only guy in my entire group that did not get to be on the show.

In the end, it was a real shame that they chose to make the show a joke, rather than really helping inventors. I truly hope there is no AI season 3.

For the record. My invention actually works, and has been selling on my website and at trade shows since before the show. I have not had any luck getting my invention in stores, because I chose to manufacture in USA rather than China. At this point, I have had a rude awakening by the shear lack of support Americans have for American made inventions.

Everything an American inventor works for seems to come down to competing with 2 for $19.99 Chinese crap! Truth is, I would probably agree to manufacturing in China now, but simply can't afford to start over with new tooling and other costs associated with getting set up in China.

Postby makeworldbetter » Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:28 pm

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What's your web site?

Did you pay for tooling? If you paid, you should own them. Take them back from US manufacture and take them along with you to China. Most Chinese will work with existing tooling. And you don't have to pay their tooling charge this time, which is also cheaper than made is US ones.
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Postby mojo62 » Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:31 pm

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Yeah, what a flop that show was. I don't think there will be a third season.

Go Wrek

Postby inventor-x » Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:51 am

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There was another Inventor on this website that was concerned about the AI contracts.

The contracts left it up to the Producers of the show not the Invention, but how much of a story & a show they could put behind the Inventor of the Invention.

The contracts also said that the Inventor could not Market there Invention for 90 days after the show.

Those 90 days are up & they did not air you or your Invention - Go for it.

Do whatever you have to do to get your Invention on the Market.

The other thing is that the contracts where written to Intimate the average Inventor.

The way I see it is the show was a Failure so all the Inventors are Free to do what they need to do.

Manufacture, Advertise, Market & Sale your Invention & if ABC or American Inventor comes after you with a Lawsuit, that's Free Advertising & Marketing for your Invention & Product.

Go Wrek & do whatever you need to do.

Don't Give up!

Postby grouptri » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:49 am

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Don't give up on your dream, plan and look forward, so when you are released from the AI contract you can pick up where you left off.

The show really motivated me to take my company to the next level
( www.trimarkgolf.com ), and in the process of preparing for the show it helped me realize I didn't need them to make my product a success.

Keep striving for success.

How much are they?

Postby mangravy » Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:52 am

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How do you look up patents? I looked for yours and came up with a cellulite cure or something to that effect. We are all grown ups here so I hope I don't sound mean. I would expect everyone to give their opinions in here.
It took me to long to figure out what your invention did? I actually had to go throught the videos. I personally want information in both text and video or diagram. How much did it cost you to have it made (not unit costs) but machine setup. I'm a golfer and I would not buy it. I have a nice divot repair tool with marker attached. If you're selling more power to you. I'm also of the school if the idea is sound then go for the low end. Most people will part with $5-$20 with out to much thought. $1 for continued recuring income as someone is more likely to lose a $5 item as they would $100. A million units for recuring revenue ain't a bad way to go.
"Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public."  <strong>H.L. Mencken</strong> (1880-1956)

Postby makeworldbetter » Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:22 am

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Can someone explain to me why one need a marker to mark the length of 3 times of your putter. Is there a rule one needs to do that? Can one just eyeball it?

Postby Doug N » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:24 am

Doug N
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I agree, AI was a very poorly ran show. I couldn't believe that they would devote so much time to people that had no concept of what is patentable. George Foreman as a Judge...what a joke! They really needed Patent Attorneys or Patent Examiners as Judges.

I wasn't impressed at all with the competitors either. These are the best ideas America has?!! If that is any representation of innovation in the US it really shows how we are lacking behind the rest of the world!

I am an Engineer so my patents are owned by my employer. Last year alone I submitted 22 patents that marketing forecasts predict will earn my employer in excess of $150 million in 2010! The competitors should have had to fill out a business plan for their concepts. They should have had to do at least a basic patent search and write up their patent using a basic Patent Software program like PIY-Patent It Yourself.

They should have broken the show into Utility Patents and Design Patents. Design Patents may have some marketing benefits, but a Utility Patent has more interest to other inventors, (at least to me anyway), by bringing new technology to light that I could branch off of with my own ideas.

Postby Average Inventor » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:46 am

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Welcome to I spot! I agree with you whole heartedly the 2nd season of AI was crap and it's was entirely the producers fault. They didn't look for good inventions, in fact, anything good they would turn away. They only wanted to make fun of inventors and their ideas and make them look like goof balls. They purposely weeded out anyone with a brain and left the clueless to galavant on stage.

I auditioned for season 2 and they tried to force to to make up a story or act like an idiot to get on TV and when I refused they gave me the ax.