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Inventor considering American Inventor try-outs

Postby Michelle » Sun Mar 25, 2007 10:42 pm

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I found this post in the comments to on of the blog posting
here at http://www.americaninventorspot.com/sea ... ors?page=1 and thought it interesting to share:

From Terry Le Blued

Inventor considering American Inventor try-outs

My name is Terry LeBleu, I was looking into trying out for the show and found myself further researching info after reading all their rules of eligibility. And found myself on your site. I always love to discover a new source of information regarding inventing. I have not been able to pull away from this site all morning!

I pretty well convinced myself NOT to bother trying out on American Inventor. There has to be a better way to market my various inventions. I have already dealt with theft of my technology from a man

that was going to "help me further my patent filings" he did the paperwork alright and took liberties in the filings adding himself as a co-inventor and gave his newly formed company exclusive assignment, right, title, royalties ect to himself. I am listed as the first inventor on the utility patent and he as the co inventor. He had absolutely nothing to do with the concept or reduction to practice; but through his filings in the PTO gained total control and my rights! I am continuely working and filing against his deception to the PTO.

He was a manager working for me! He has continued filing CIP patents with my paperwork that was intrusted to him (and will NOT give back) stating he owns everything including my papers! The assignment he filed in the PTO to World Wide Water, Inc. is a forgery of my signature and the assignment is not even filled out! I have a certified copy of it from the PTO, but it doesn't matter! The PTO doesn't LOOK at the contract, just records it! I am told I need to file against the contract in Federal Court. Not an inexpensive avenue. and the guy whom I would sue has a team of attorneys invested in his company! How could one afford the long journey he and his attorney partners would put you through?

How does a man without the funds to fight for his rights fight a man with plenty of resources to fight you? Have not found the answer to that one. But I do all I can to file against him in the PTO i.e. record my OWN assignment to my company Drought Masters, Inc. over the top of his assignment in the patent office. see patent number 5,669,221 and 5,845,504 "Portable Potable Water Generator"

He has publicly made statements in newspapers such as front page of "Singapore Times" that he is the "sole inventor" of this machine. (I can forward anyone interested in reading this article a copy) He sold rights to www.hyflux.com for millions (also in this article). They market it as The Dragonfly. He who stole from me is rich. Me? Left out completely. In depositions this man openly admits that he saw the machine and drank from it at my father home. That is how he discovered my machine!

He further stole and refiled another invention of mine called "The fishing Gun" I had a design patent on it in 1985 (still shows in PTO designs if you research it) This same man who stole my water machine patent refiled my fishing gun as a utility calling his "The linear pulling and retrivial system" also known as "The CableCaster" sold by GreenLee Textron he granted license to his patent of MY invention. I met this man Francis C. Forsberg in 1995 I already had disclosure documents; provisionals, and a design patent filed before meeting him, yet he now owns it all. I have many inventions that he doesn't know about that I have filed on. I just didn't invent one or two ideas; but have many, many. I am a full time inventor. If you would like to see a few ideas go here

www.droughtmasters.com would love to hear from anyone with ideas for me to get back my rights, or is interested in any of my other inventions and designs.

One would think it would be simple to just go get another investor on the water machine, but one look at the guy who stole my water machines website scares off any potential investor from it. See www.freewaterinc.com on the front page they have a link to patents and legal to which they put you on notice that if you plan to distribute or manufacture any of these patents (mine numbers included there) 5,669,221 & 5,845,504 you will be sued for infringement. Nice guys huh?

This is WATER, drinking water. And they wrongfully hold out that they own exclusive rights of mine. People are dying from drinking unsafe water and here I have the machine but can't get it moving forward. Sad, sad, situation.

All hope will never be gone, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to gain my rights and have justice served, but any ideas are extremely welcome!

No, I don't think I want to take a chance with American Inventor and have a repeat in history of my ideas perpetually assigned to them. There just has to be a better way. Thank you for your time.

Terry LeBleu,