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Re: Can I patent my invention without a patent attorney?

Postby inventor-x » Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:44 pm

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Hi Apapage

I love your last post because it is reality, one has to have some savvy knowing you only get what one pays for.

My story:

I did my research before hiring an attorney & I went with the local cheap attorney.

Some things he did where great for what I paid him for but he did not listen to me when writing the details for the patent claims.

The patent was denied & the attorney said that was typical because every patent gets denied on the first submission.

The surprising thing the attorney did not want to re-write it differently or the way I was suggesting to write the patent application.

My first choice in attorneys was further away & more costly but a (100) times better attorney.

I met the senior attorney & he said I was dead in the water & I had NO chance in getting a patent.

I love this part - I took my brother with me & I answered the attorney with, I think your wrong, there is power in a demonstration so let me demonstrate my Invention to you, my brother starts laughing & while I am demonstrating the Invention & before I could finish demonstrating the Invention to the attorney the attorney signs the contract that he will re-apply for the patent re-writing the claims like I suggested for the first attorney to write the patent application to begin with.

In less than (6) months I had a patent with (100%) of the claims filed granted.

It only took (1) time meeting the right attorney, but for future meetings I met with the junior attorney which was Interesting because I dealt with him for my copyrights & trademarks.

It got to the point of me asking what the heck are you doing, so I made an appointment with the senior attorney (which cost me) to straighten out the problem I was having with the junior partner attorney.

Problem solved & the next time the junior attorney & I met is when he handed me my Issued copyrights & trademarks.

Inventors need to do there own research to educate themselves as to what they are doing or attempting on doing Including doing the research to fine a competent attorney.

Filing for patents, copyrights & trademarks is easy it's every thing else that comes after that, that is difficult & more costly.

Re: Can I patent my invention without a patent attorney?

Postby Derek Pater » Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:25 pm

Derek Pater
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It seems to be a common problem with Inventors changing to a different Patent attorneys sometimes 3 times for one Invention, and it cost's the Inventor in the end!

This is why is steer away from that whole problem and go about it like this thread viewtopic.php?f=43&t=3502&start=50

Be the new Product developer who shifts all the cost's to the Manufacture!, all you need is the right mindset!


:D :D

Re: Can I patent my invention without a patent attorney?

Postby davh12 » Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:36 am

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I filed for a Non-provisional Utility Patent on my own. It's "Dispatched from Preexam, Not yet docketed" as of right now. I once had a Patent Attorney, but he got greey. I did the leg work myself. If it is an improvement of a current product, there are others that are more "versed" in it's function than the inventor who designed the improved version as far as the end-state and the conceptual view of the items application. The inventor of the impovement is an outside observer looking to improve an existing idea. Example given: a "mechanical device. There could be unforeseen "moments" during the operation of the "device" that the improved version may not address because the inventor of that improved version was not be aware of such moments and therefore did not design any further change to negate such moments. The inventor of the devices' origin was aware of such moments. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".
If it is something that the inventor designed from the ground up, and the inventor is mechanically inclined then he/she is aware of every mechanically "corner" of the design and therefore capable of filing for a patent without the help of an Attorney. If the inventor can sketch and write the patent in the proper format desired by the USPTO there should be no issues. Patent Attorneys have the upper hand with regard to understanding the advantages they have over an inventor because the Patent process looks "scary". Not all Patent Attorneys are crooked and hopfully they help the small inventors. That being said, this is the information age. Resource it yourself. The Patent Office web site has every form you need to file for any Patent. I actually called the US Patent Office and ran down the list of forms with the rep. that I spoke with to make sure I had evrything that I needed to file. It is not impossible.



Re: Can I patent my invention without a patent attorney?

Postby Scrupulous » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:21 am

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Right, Dave.

Just off the top of my head, these are the forms that need to be included with a typical utility submission, at a minimum, along with a specification and drawings:


and for non-publication:


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