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Big companies - A much quicker process?

Postby flo » Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:19 am

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Hi everyone,

I read that big companies tend to obtain patents on their inventions a lot more faster than the ordinary inventor. For example, for an international patent - with the PCT process and then all the national patent applications - that would normally take more than two years to be completed like we can read everywhere, juggernauts like Apple or Microsoft could get this type of patents in just a few months.

Is that true? Can big brands lobby to enjoy preferential treatment? Then it is no wonder that they can obtain literally hundreds of patents a year.

Re: Big companies - A much quicker process?

Postby Roger Brown » Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:31 pm

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Roger Brown
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You are correct. It also comes down to the fact that big companies have legal teams working on these items daily. The Patent lawyer you hire is doing yours and other clients. The big companies can pay in advance and have budgets set aside for patents and fees. Your patent attorney has to contact you about expenses and wait for you to pay them and then pay the fees. I am sure that a company submitting large amounts of patents has a vested interest to stay on top of the patents progress and is getting a higher priority than the one or two an average person may submit. Consider drug companies, the quicker a patent issues could be the difference in millions in profits. You know they are pushing for the review to be completed as soon as possible.
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