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Re: Don't File a Patent!

Postby johndsmith » Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:16 pm

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Dear Mr. A Papageorgiou

Just to respond briefly to your last few lines, a patent does not, in any way, offer "protection" against losing market share. All a patent does is give the inventor the right to sue. But, in a lawsuit, only attorneys make money. When you sue, you take your hard earned money (profit) out of the company where it belongs and divert it to a losing battle (patent litigation). A lawsuit does nothing to protect or help you. My book is targeted at helping the little guy, NOT the IBM's of the world. These companies have ample resources. The little guy does not. Attorneys forget that a lawsuit can cost tens of thousands of dollars. What inventor has that kind of money?

In my experience, inventors should "protect" their product by being first in the customer's mind with it and by offering a better product, better service, a better warranty, etc. than all the copycats. Copycats are in business for the short term; an inventor should be in business for the long term.

Re: Don't File a Patent!

Postby Roger Brown » Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:02 am

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Roger Brown
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Johndsmith, I agree people can be taught a number of tasks, but the problem comes in on the execution of those tasks. Sure you can teach a person how to throw a baseball, but would they be at the caliber level to pitch in a world series game against professional batters? If all it took was to teach a person and they can do any task then wouldn't you still have people that excel above the rest? There is a difference between learnable and your ability to do it well.
There are varying skill levels in any venture you start. That includes running a business. So what if you can balance a check book or have common sense. That doesn't mean you could go to Donald Trump and say "Hey, I'm ready to run your multi-billion dollar business." Look at how many small businesses are started every year and how many of them fail versus succeed. Even Trump has failures and he runs a huge empire.

Not every Inventor is equipped or desires to runs their own business. So, they look for other avenues that meet their needs to see their product make it to market. Each Inventor has to decide what works best for them and if this is the right path for them to take. They need to research all possibly avenues and then make an informed decision for their particular situation.

I agree the office actions can be horrendous. I have had my own issues with the patent office and examiners that seem to have a dislike for your idea. Unfortunately that is the system you have to work with at this time, but can also complain and do your part to help reform that system. If the 97% of people that got patents that never made it to market had never applied for a patent what would that have doen to the system? Some people apply for a patent just to say they got a patent and never intended to market the idea. Others got the patent and then said "What do I do next?" and never followed through with it. Others spend all the money they had on the patent and had nothing left to move forward and were stopped. Others found that they had the patent, but the product did not work as expected or there was something better on the market already. Others started a business around the product and failed to find that market. As I tell Inventors all the time "A patent does not equal marketability." You can patent edible sneakers, but would anyone buy them?

You wrote:
Inventing the product is the first of many steps. When i hear all the whining that manufacturing is so HARD, or selling is so HARD, it really is not. It is just that no one teaches inventors how to do those skills. I plan to change that.

By the way, if you'd like to get ahold of me, call me at one of the numbers on my www.dontfileapatent.com website. i don't often check this forum for messages from you. i'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Thank you.

It is unfortunate you don't check back here often since you state that you plan on changing the way Inventors think, but if I have questions to call you. I post here so everyone can benefit from the questions and answers.
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