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There are approx. 1500 patents issued a week

Postby ATtheLake » Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:41 am

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If there are around 1500 patents in this country (USA) issued each week and by the ol 3% standard of 3% make money and 97% do nothing, only 45 products a week are gonna ever, supposibly make money back..

Just think of how much money the USPTO is bringing in to on all those filing fees as well...

I don't see 1500 people a week joining this site... maybe if people did some more research before filing their patent, there wouldn't be a 97% wasted money syndrome

This website has become a valuable tool and good source of information for anyone who will spend the time looking for it!

I found this website a while back had alot of varying stats on it :

http://www.inventionstatistics.com/Numb ... ssued.html