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Free equity stake in Online patent selling business

Postby Patentsforsale » Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:04 pm

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A rare opportunity to obtain an equity stake in a successful business with no upfront costs. Established recently this business has access to a number of secured patents ready to be sold to potential investors. Selling worldwide, there are major opportunities for organic growth and gaining healthy commissions for product promotion.

The current owners are seeking an energetic businesslike self-starter with a hunger for success. You will not be required to input any capital, but an equity share of up to 30% (in increments), and a corresponding share of the trading profits, is available on successfully hitting profit targets.

This is an extraordinary opportunity. you will be closely supported by the owners and encouraged at every step. An interest in patents and intellectual property is desirable, but the key factor is your willingness to work hard to develop an even stronger business.

Re: Free equity stake in Online patent selling business

Postby Roger Brown » Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:33 pm

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Roger Brown
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You state this on your website:

So with Patentsforsale.co.uk we connect people who are serious about investment, promotion of design and intellectual property rights.So Register today and sell your invention or buy one of the great inventions registered on Patentsforsale.co.uk

Isn't this just another one of those product listing sites where you hope someone first finds your site and then hope they find you out of hundreds of other Inventors posted on the same site?
Come visit my sites at http://www.RogerBrown.net
or http://www.looking2license.com
I have gotten 9 products licensed spending less than $100 on each, you can too.