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Postby thinkoutsidethecircle » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:28 pm

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Got a few messages this morning from viewers that should concern the producers of American Inventor. One viewer had this to say: "We are die-hard American Idol fans. Never miss a show, have watched from the very beginning and still love it til this day. Watched the first show of American Inventor tonight and found it appalling. The judges were inconsistent at best. Their logic had no rhym or reason. A good example was the jelly bean globe that they put through but turned away the 14 year old boy we were rooting for who invented the air conditioner for dogs. TOTAL INCONSISTENCY all the way through the show, ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous. We turned it off at the end, looked at each other and said we would not watch again. A good friend called a few minutes later to say basically the same thing. What a terrible show. Oh and by the way, the little mean judge is not even on Simon's level. The little mean judge obviously hates life and people and is just plain miserable." Another viewer had this to say: " I saw your program this evening, I probably won't watch it again for 2 reasons: 1. The snot nosed kid, Kyle, who "invented" the doggie A/C, hate to tell you this but it was invented over 50 years ago under a different name "Car A/C" before the refrigerated A/C's. There were 2 types, one that fit on the window, and used both Ram Air and also a fan, the other one sat on the area between the passengers and was fan only. Both took water and cooled by evaporation, but disappeared when refigerated A/C came into vogue. And his snottiness, why did the judges stand for that crap aned cottle him?????? 2. The woman who had a good Idea that everyone liked but didn't need the program" why do you cottle the snots and eliminate the good ideas????? It makes no sence to me, I would think that you people would want good ideas that have a chance of succeeding. Yes the morons who have poor ideas, like Kyle and most of the others are kinda funny, but don't cottle to them. I will give you another chance but if there is a repeat of the above 2 items or similar things on the next program I will vever watch your program again. I have a Marketing degree, I am a retired CPA and I also have a MBA, but what do I know, when anyone contacts a business, person, etc. with a complaint, statistically there are 73 other people who feel the same way and each one (of the 73) will give their feelings/opinions to 9 other people. Bring back the lady who was voted off because her idea was "too good." Did you think the show sucked? What did you think?

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Postby thinkoutsidethecircle » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:28 pm

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Posts: 84
Joined: Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:21 pm
Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-25 14:39 | The judges of American

The judges of American Inventor should be asking these questions of the presented inventions: 1.) does it solve a problem? Not just a rigging like the bathroom stall(plastic) lock. You'd need to sanitize it before putting it back into your purse. 2.) Who would use it (purchase)? The more segments (men, women, young and old) will sell the most. 3.) Can the invention be mass produced at a cost to resale it for retail at a good profit. 4.) last but not least is it a society impacting invention. The greatest inventor should have an invention that does this. Example: refrigerator, wahing machine, cell phone, microwave, or in other words, some new system of improvement that will help make it significantly easier or better for the present people of 2007.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-23 06:45 | Hey Bottleslingguy


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abcdexpert | 2006-03-22 08:27 | ALREADY INVENTED!

I watched the first episode. All I can say is that the "expert" panel better get a terminal in their interview room with access to patents.

Everything I saw them give accolades to has already been invented! I've seen either the exact same thing, or something so close the patent office wouldn't grant a patent on the "new" one.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-20 00:28 | The show was Ehhh.

I really thought that the idea of the show was super cool, being an industrial Designer/ inventor myself. But come on- it was totally staged and all bs. The judges were super inconsistent and that is the downfall of this show. The lady with the DVD for her kid- I searched the net for 2 hours trying to find any more info about her product and nothing!!! Obviously her idea is not fully developed and out there, the reason they kicked her out. Whatever. I will watch it again, but only because I am interested to see what stuff they actually let in and who "they" think is the top american inventor.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-19 10:20 | Patent Perspective for American Inventor

Disappointingly, it seems like there were no original innovations or revolutionary inventions...or perhaps the producers didn't choose the truly unique inventions to be on the show! And for what? Ratings? Laughs? It's okay to include a few of them, but the failure rate was much too high, watering down the original intent of the show. It was mostly just people combining existing items or modifying/improving them. As an experienced patent agent, I can tell you right now that most of the inventions shown would NOT be patentable. There are set rules that determine what is patentable, and what is not. These include novelty, obviousness, and of course, the Statutory Bars of 35 USC 102. With the advent of the internet, the majority of the inventors could have gone to www.uspto.gov to research previous patents and found out that their idea could not be patented and move on to another project instead of wasting their time and money on something that's already been done. ABC should have hired patent attorneys or agents as a judge or at least screened the inventions based on patentability, as this is important because the inventors are showing publicly their inventions. Too bad, they have one year to file a patent from the day their invention is displayed, given it IS patentable... BUT if it is not patentable, that means they don't have exclusive rights to it, and that ANYBODY CAN PROFIT from their hard work and steal their idea. I'd hate to see this happen to anyone, especially the finalists. I believe America is the technology innovator and leader, but this first episode doesn't reflect that. ABC thinks that crazy inventors deserve more air-time than the truly innovative inventors, and that is sad. I personally would like to see the best, most practical and innovative inventions instead of the failed ones, and I believe the majority of the viewers would like to as well. This isn't "American Idol" where contestants sing and make fools of themselves, it is the heart and soul of American ingenuity, Simon said so himself, and now look what's happening! And they will televise this show all over the world? What will the world think of us Americans? ABC, please change your next episode! Give us some meat!

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-20 06:49 | Patents seem to be very

Patents seem to be very useless now a days, especially at the early stages. Maybe once you have a finish product you can go though the costly process. I didn't see any one go infront of the judges with a patent drawing. The judges & companies want to see prototypes.

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Patent Agent (not verified) | 2006-03-22 00:44 | Importance of patent protection

Patents are "useless" these days? Are you kidding? Look at all the companies making money and getting sued for patent infringement. Research in Motion, Blackberry, ring a bell? To invent something without checking it's patentability is like building a house without buying the land that you build upon. The truth of the matter is, if you don't have any patent protection, anyone can rip off your invention. Especially if you show it on TV! Let's say one of the judges knows you don't have any patent pending protection on your prototype, which is a sure winner. There is nothing to prevent them or other entrepreneurs to copy your invention and market it themselves, and keep all the profits without giving you a penny. So everyone, research and protect your ideas first, before you spend time and money on development and prototyping. The USPTO will give you a 'patent pending' status if you file a provisional patent for only $100(it's a 1-year placeholder). You can hire a patent attorney or agent to do this, or attempt to do it yourself, it's really not too difficult to do. So you see, patents don't have to cost you thousands of dollars right off the bat. I could offer some help to fellow inventors if needed, I have filed provisionals as well as utility patents. I hope nobody gets their invention stolen, a proper understanding of patents will protect the inventor.

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DK666 (not verified) | 2006-03-26 13:38 | Patents

Patents are only as good as your ability to prosecute them or defend them. All it takes is money and lots of it. The patent office does NOT guarantee you are not infringing on another patent. Plus it’s a civil matter so as far as patents go you are on your own.


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bottleslingguy (not verified) | 2006-03-22 13:53 | The show gave reminders.

I remember seeing a sign at the doorway of the LA Design Center which mentioned those people entering with unpatented products should be aware that they could be jeopardizing their patentability.

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t (not verified) | 2006-03-18 10:31 | well, the ratings sure dont

well, the ratings sure dont show that people hated it. it topped the ncaa, ER, and other shows. check it out.
http://www.realitytvmagazine.com/blog/2 ... ent_2.html

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already patent (not verified) | 2006-03-18 07:00 | The Pole Branch Cutter

The branch cutter on a pole already exist Because my father inlaw already has one its Identical it has the rope that you pull it extends to 8ft its yellow
are they even checking this stuff out? Seems like most of the ones they are picking already exist.
I also think this show will not make it I love american idol but ameican inventor really annoyed me.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-18 13:37 | the cutter with the string

the cutter with the string WAS what is already on the market and they were demonstrating how bad it was. The invention from the SCARECROW was a rod that when you pulled it, without any need to pull a string, cuts easily. That is indeed new. Or at least, not yet on the market.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-18 06:11 | Horrible show. I'd rather

Horrible show. I'd rather watch Canadian football.
I'm an inventor and I didn't see any inventions I saw
copies of things other people already made.
As for that rude fat guy with the stupid ranch, why would I need him? It's funny how they say I have 8 of his products at home but don't mention any by name.
Please! He's a cliche talker type (think outside the box crap). Inventors don't look, act or talk like that.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-18 13:41 | I disagree, I think Doug

I disagree, I think Doug Hall, was dead on with his comments. And in fact, is the only one who gets inventions. I'm disappointed the show as a whole didn't cut ideas that were too close to things already on the market, or in this case, in his bedroom.

FYI - as has been posted all over the net, the auditions on TV were staged callbacks in LA. So they definitely had time to figure out if things were obvious or not. When they say they went to NYC and then show the inventors being judged, they're not actually in NYC, just a stage in LA making it feel different. They use the first round audition footage to set you up. The auditions, are actually a second round of callbacks. Which begs the question: why call back people that clearly are horrible, or whacked. Answer: It's reality tv. Don't forget it.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 21:10 | Appalling!

Having auditioned in Atlanta for round 1 and not made it any further, I was quite interested to see which inventions made it. The show was poorly produced and did not make me much interested in watching the rest, but I feel a duty to vote for the invention that is the best of the ones the judges select. I am actually glad that I didn't make it since the show is not about the inventions, but about the inventors and how emotional they are. It is a shame that the show is not more serious about finding a truly novel invention. It is also a shame, as others have noted, that some people were led to believe that their inventions are new, when in fact they aren't. The crying judge was purely entertainment value and they were all shockingly inconsistent. My product will be successful in spite of not being on American Inventor because it is actually useful, novel and can be helpful to millions of people.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 20:12 | I'll give it another shot

I watched with some expectations of seeing some goofiness and was properly rewarded with the idiot with the roach races and the smoking gun(you've got to wonder what kind of smoke that was). The thing that irritated me was the sappiness. I really don't care about your backstory. I want to see the inventions. They had about 10 or so people that they showed coming out the door that were passed through without seeing their inventions. And the fools that mortgage their houses to invent a sheet with a pocket, ridiculous. I am willing to give it another shot, but I am guessing that it won't get better. Also, what do they have planned once they choose the finalists. This show was definitely much worse than the show that was on USA network last year. Better format and less emotional crap.

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Avery (not verified) | 2006-03-17 19:24 | Maybe the next show

will have some GOOD inventions!? The commercials got my attention. Is that a dog running in a wheel? They only show it for about 15 seconds. In another commercial there's a small chopper bike for kids. I'm thinking they're saving the good inventions for last.

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AlwaysHungry (not verified) | 2006-03-17 19:18 | Think its great

I don't know what you all expected. I thought the show was great.

I mean it was funny, there were some interesting inventions that I thought were ingenious and its a new show.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 16:33 | Well, I didn't think the

Well, I didn't think the show was that bad, but I probably had low expectations.

I liked seeing all the inventions and I thought it its a success, it could help some of us get the marketing for our ideas that we need.

I think however that unless they fix a few things fast, its not going to be a blockbuster...more of a bomb.

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Sandra (not verified) | 2006-03-17 15:24 | The premier episode of

The premier episode of American inventor was horrible.
ABC should be embarrassed. The set looked like it was it was mde by tenth graders. One good I can say is that it was a cure for isomniacs. For get Ambien,
the show is guaranteed to put you to sleep.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 15:00 | You know, I have a friend

You know, I have a friend that was one of the six finalists on the first season of "American Idol", and he says that the only true reality show is "Cops." This show is clearly scripted to the point of irritation, and the judges are two-dimensional "actors" that didn't seem to know what they were talking about. We'll forego the subsequent episodes, thank you very much.

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AAMees (not verified) | 2006-03-17 14:32 | Only the remote saved my life...

I had high hopes for this show and I really wanted something that highlights the trials and tribulations of inventors, but I should have known. This show was so tedious and uninteresting, I went into a near hysterical panic trying to find the remote to put myself out of my misery.

The tension was fake, some of the people seemed fake, and the panel was not terribly interesting either. Oh, and the crying! The only thing they could have done to make this worse would be to add a laugh track. The guy with the cockroach cavern (yes, I know that is not the name...) - was that their idea of 'interlude entertainment' with an actor to break up the monotony of the rest of show? Only the commercials accomplished that.

The real knife blow, the thing that pushed me over the edge was finding out that this tedium went on for 2 hours! Water torture - no problem... this show for 2 hours? Pass me the arsenic, please!

I was so disgusted after viewing my obligatory "give it a shot" 5-minutes time period that I immediately went to the ABC.com site to search for a message board where I could give some free marketing feedback... I found virtually nothing. That's probably how they got into this mess...no feedback from the people out in Realityville!

To all fellow inventors out there, sometimes you have to take a risk and share your ideas with others... but giving all your ideas and royalties to ABC, Mr. Cowells and whoever else is part of this steaming pile of broadcast excrement is not the way.

Needless to say, I will not be watching another episode. (Hey... I DO feel better!)

P.S. God bless America and all the people who have given us the opportunity to invent and express our opinions.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 13:12 | I too was suprised that were

I too was suprised that were was really NO true innovating ideas. Everything seemed basically an improvement of an existing product, and alot of it... already done.

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Kai (not verified) | 2006-03-23 22:07 | Sandbagger

I see that others where invented but his still seems better. Its bigger and can actually fill up a nice sized bag with one scoop. His is actually my favorite invention, it is simple but it works and could actually save lives.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 13:02 | Hate to break it to everyone...

Hate to break it to everyone, but the kid's dog cooler is so done it's not funny. Just google "solar car fan" and you'll get all sorts of links to products on the market that do what he was proposing (better in fact, because it uses the cause of the original problem - the sun - to solve the problem). Same goes for the sand bagger: Again, 2 minutes on Google (google "sandbag scoop" - look at gobagger.com). I'm surprised these ideas got as far as they did on the show. All the other stuff was just plain silly.

I thought the show was mildly entertaining at times, but it was so melodramatic. Enough with the waterworks - this is a show about inventors, not a soap opera. Ugh.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 19:58 | Still cooks your brains!

Also, be aware that all the other products like this advise that this does NOT cool the air it only circulates it with outside air. 140 degrees in the car 90 degrees outside = still about 115 and still cooking your dog's brain.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 20:01 | Time out tot is already produced

The complaints I have read on other sites about not picking the Time out Tot video are unfounded. The rules clearly state that the invention should not have already been in production and available to the mass market. There is a website for crying out loud and it recieved some awards as far back as 2004. She even admitted to being on the show just for the PR. She has also appeared on some news shows. I am surprised and a bit disappointed in the producers for even giving her 2 minutes on the show.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-18 13:47 | Set up in my opinion to make

Set up in my opinion to make the show look more legit. They knew who she was and that she was already out there in the market. If not, shame on them.

My opinion, they used her to set up the "values" of the show. As Mary said: "We discussed this... we weren't going to move people forward who were just using this for PR." Then why bring them to LA in the first place.

Idol formula but not yet done as well. BUT... I still believe a great invention good be the result. Maybe, just maybe, they'll find the Kelly Clarkson of inventions out there. The one that the masses like - even if it doesn't fit everyones taste.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 21:33 | While this may be true for

While this may be true for this "invention" be
careful of judging by the fact that there is a
website for an invention. We auditioned for
inventor and did go to LA. Of course we were
eliminated (our invention was too boring). We
then decided to at least use the publicity
afforded us by Inventor and made a website. We
have even test marketed our product through another
website by wholesaling the product to them. So if
you were to google the product, you would see it
being sold on another site (they have about 20 of
them)and you might assume it was already in existence.
However, it was us who sold it to them. I design
websites so it cost me nothing to build the site. So it may
appear that we have sold many with this great website.
We really have just started to sell the product.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 12:58 | Sucked

I was really excited about the show up until I saw it. Ugh. Where there were opportunities for great laughs and some comic relief, the judges struck me as mean spirited throughout the whole ordeal. It's one thing to laugh with the inventor and perhaps give some critique. It's another thing to just bash them to gain a cheap laugh. The judges are not funny, have no consistancy, and seem to be just plain mean.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 11:39 | American Inventor will need to reinvent it self FAST

I thought the show was awful. The set seemed empty (maybe the sound was echoing.. not sure why) and low budget. The judges were inconsistant (Why was the candy snow globe not a completed product but the video education was?) and seemed to be looking for the best new product with total sales as the criteria instead of something really innovative that's new out there. How boring it will be if we need to cheer on a variation of a craft product rather than see true innovations. I watch the Apprentice and American Idol and thought that this might be interesting but instead it was just annoying. (PS: I really couldn't care less if the "pitch" is interesting. Leave that to the talent shows. I care about great new ideas/inventions.) If this is to teach America the business model for getting a product on the market, it might be helpful for some people but I won't watch. (PS: my favorites of those I saw were the doggie air conditioner, the solar cooler)

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 11:37 | American Ienventor is a JOKE

What a joke! I can't believe that there wasn't better ideas out there. And for them to make fun of people, look at each other like who let you through? This is just another trashy SCRIPTED reality show. The judges were awful, the ideas should have never made it to air. And to think of all those people that actually stood in line presented their ideas and to be turned down, for this! Well, it's really a blessing.

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C. Scates (not verified) | 2006-03-17 14:04 | Re: American Inventor is a joke

There are real inventions out there but they did not want them. I went to New york to audiction for the show. They said you could have pictures, drawings, they claimed they wanted new inventions that haven't been seen before.I invented a safe infant walker but I didn't have a prototype and was totally over looked. And i'm sure you would agree with me that a walker is more important to America than an ash tray with a saucer over it, used for a pit and shell holder.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 10:37 | Hard to take seriously

Like American Idol, the initial auditions are meant to show the idiotic as well as the talented but really how can you take this show seriously? Do they not have any sort of screening process that proves you have a patent or have even done some sort of product search because at least a couple of the inventions that actually went through have already been invented? The pulley pruning shears on an extension are already a common item and I have 2 in my garden shed right now, I use them every spring!!! The bed caddy, as one of the judges pointed out, had already been invented and I too have seen them for sale. The sandbag scoop is a great idea although I’ve already seen and used a home-made version. These are just some that I personally know about, I’m sure there are probably more.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 10:25 | It really made me mad how

It really made me mad how they gave a couple of pop stars with a mini trash can the green light because they can sing. But shut down that woman who developed all that stuff for her mentally ill child.

The dog air conditioner - It will never sell in a hundred years. I like the kid as much as everyone else out here, but realistically it was an idea that should be taken in a different direction. For instance, he should have maybe advertised that it kept your car cool while you went shopping or something for a long amount of time, so that when you came back your car wasn't blazing hot.

The portable weight set - The only problem is that it has very little weights. Has serious potential if you could put some weight on them. My grandmother is the only person I know that exercizes with 5 pound bars.

The solar powered cooler - Seriously was a really good idea. I would fill that sucker up with some drinks, take it to the beach, turn on the radio and just chill. I may have misunderstood or wasn't listening, but did they say that it keeps your drinks cold all day? Because if it did,it was a very good idea.

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Jay1031 | 2006-03-17 17:41 | cooler

it was solar powered yes they did. But there is one on the market allready.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 09:47 | So its not the best Show But.....

Like everybody else says, this show has its problems BUT there are a lot worse out there. As for the kid Kyle he does have a good idea but most people Dont leave there pets in a hot car give him an A for effort also this product would be great for cars that DONT HAVE AC old school VW Bug comes to mind so lets not discount his idea . The lady i would like to find more about is Ann Brazil the mother who has the mentally handicap child and she made the DVD's i have a child like she hes and would love to buy one of these. if anybody knows how to find her please let me know. I think she should just sell them her self with a website or something like that

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Jay1031 | 2006-03-17 09:14 | The JUDGES

I'm not sure they were the right thing for the show. You have to be consitent with the people. I don't think any one of these judges will ever top Simon Cowell. The short heavy one tried to do it but falls very short. It sounds like
if you had your invention done or to for along, they didn't want it on thier show. Hey the woman judge said it all last night PR PR PR that's what it's all about,getting all the PR that you can it's FREE.

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Kevin (not verified) | 2006-03-17 08:38 | Jumping the Shark in the Premier

Amazing! I didn't think it was possible to "jump the shark" during the premier episode. With a high concept of "extreme-makeover-meets-american-idol-and-does-the-apprentice", the show attempted to do way too much and did nothing well. I overdosed on ABC-style schmaltz and "canceled" the show after the mean, pudgy "judge" took a break to console a 14 year old kid he had just mercilessly trashed on national TV (accompanied, of course, by sympathetic music). Executive producer Simon Cowell appeared on Jay Leno earlier in the week to plug the show and admitted that his previous productions had been less than successful. Simon, not be rude, but stick to what you know: TV production is definitely not your thing.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 08:33 | Prototypes over Patents

I thought it was interesting that there was no talk about patents, the show focused on prototypes of of people's inventions. I think the show will focus a lot on how these people build and change tehir protytpes. It looks like building the perfect prototype is key to creating a new product.

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Ironponyfabrication | 2006-03-17 07:26 | It is new give it a chance

With that said It reminds Me of the Gong Show in many ways. But that is to be expected. With that big of a Carrot dangling out there. (1 Million dollar Carrot) I will continue to watch it if only because America really needs this. With our Companys, And Goverment giving this Country away every Day. Folks need to be reminded of what really made this Country great.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 07:18 | I did not think it sucked.

I did not think it sucked. I think the show is new and needs some further polishing. For me, the two hours went pretty quickly.

Do I think its great? No
Can it get better and will it? Probably

I agree biggest problem was inconsitency by the judges.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-03-17 13:36 | Are you kidding, the show

Are you kidding, the show totally was awful with a capital 'A'! I love American Idol, and this show was a poor attempt at a reality show. They tried to make the stories touching and totally missed the point. If this show were the apprentice, I would say to the directors of the show 'You're fired!'

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