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Is The Toner Belt by Robert Amore is a Copy Cat?

Postby thinkoutsidethecircle » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:40 pm

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Hello everyone.

I have looked into the products that are the finalists on the show American Inventor and came across a very surprising detail.

The product by Robert Amore, "Toner belt" or "tonerbelt", is actually a product that is sold. Not by him, but a company called Walker's Warehouse. This is not a recent event either. It turns out the product, called the "Denise Austin Powerbelt", has been sold for 8 or so years. If you compare the pictures of both products, they are exactly the same. How is this possible?

Does the show and its fact finders not do their homework? The product is obviously patented and I know that each contestant had to get a provisional patent before going on the show. How did this guy get one if the product has already been invented?

The show has really screwed up, in my opinion. They are really serving the community and viewership a plate full of **** and doing an extreme disservice.

Check it out for yourself:

The Denise Austin Powerbelt
Walker's Warehouse

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Postby thinkoutsidethecircle » Tue Oct 10, 2006 11:40 pm

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Posts: 84
Joined: Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:21 pm
Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-05-07 05:55 | I too sent Doug Hall an

I too sent Doug Hall an email regarding the exact same thing. I've had a power belt for more than 5 years. Many people that know Walkers Warehouse sells these also called and wrote in. I got a reply via email stating they had contacted ABC - wonder if anything legal with come from this.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-05-05 17:47 | US patents is a great thing to have when your the tonerbelt

Robert Amore owns the utility patent for the
Tonerbelt and when ABC investigates further they
will discover the original concept drawings are
dated January 1994. Denise Austin has worn an
early Tonerbelt prototype. QVC was in
negotiations with Mr. Amore.
Mr. Amore has other inventions and patents and
has won national awards for his creations.
It appears that Inergie Fitness LLC is looking
for some free advertising. What they have not
disclosed is the pricetag and the cost
of "add-ons".
More power to Mr. Amore for building a better

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Alexis | 2006-04-25 16:59 | Walkers Warehouse sells the

Walkers Warehouse sells the Denise Austin powerbelt. So does that mean that the Denise Austin powerbelt is the tonerbelt or that the facts are mixed up.

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Amarsir | 2006-04-25 16:10 | Taking this one bit at a time

1. Yep, they certainly look pretty darn similar.

2. Whether any patent infringement has gone on would depend on the type and details of the Powerbelt patent.

3. Amore certainly doesn't fit the qualifications to win American Inventor, seeing as it's not new.

4. Whether the show screwed up or not is harder to say. With a reported 10,000 submissions originally, at what point should they be checking? Perhpas they did check the 50 ideas briefly, but didn't find the Powerbelt (just speculating). Yes it's embarrassing for ABC, but frankly a lot of the way they put this show together is pretty shameful. As long as it doesn't make it to the final 4 I won't be too outraged.

5. Does Doug Hall know? He's been excellent about receiving information like this.

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Anonymous (not verified) | 2006-04-25 11:44 | Great point, and this is

Great point, and this is only one of the 4 items that
has a copy, "did they do there homework?" NO

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