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Postby tomaway » Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:45 pm

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I told my wife that I decided to give my invention idea a chance and call Inventhelp. The commercial was on TV at the moment Phone number is flashing on screen and I made a call.

On Dec19 2007 We went to talk to one of the agent here in Burbank CA. The lady is very nice, everything sounds promising. And we went ahead with the process, 7 weeks research for $965.-

Today,March11 2008
The lady I spoke to call me around end of Feb2008 she mentioned on the phone that the package is going to be ready for a review in a couple of days. My wife and I were very excited. Those long 7 weeks of waiting is over.

--- (during this time I started to read horror stories about this company, and I found this forum) ---

However, after that phone call. I have not received any call from the lady I dealt with. I wait for about a week and finally made a call. A person who works at the office was telling me that the lady i dealt with is sick. As of today (march 11) she still is sick...

The man I spoke with assure me that I will get the package and he will be handle my case from now.

My wife just got off the phone with him, and this is how the conversation went...
First he pretended to not remember who she was. Then he was very annoyed and said who told you it was ready? and he quickly tell my wife the the package is going to be ready before 10 AM and will call us by then and he hung up! He never tell us the day, tomorrow, day after tomorrow or when just 10 AM and he has been doing this game with us since he took our case.
As I am writing this note, i got another phone call from him and he told me that the person who did the research for my invention needs more time to go through the documents. And he said he knows this cause he just got off the phone with him... this just all seems so weird. --- Last week I spoke with him about this time and he mentioned to me that I should have called around 11AM since they have to deal with the main office in the East Coast by this time the office is closed! Now he just happened to make the main office open so that they can handle my case?

I felt like this whole company is trying to steal my invention and i don't know how prevent this.

I am shopping for Patent Lawyer but have no clue where to get a good one in my area.
Before I deal with Inventhelp I filed Provisional Application for Patent. So I hope this will buy me sometime to do all those things.

Postby Sunny » Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:19 am

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Please check out the website inventored.org and ipwatchdog.com for more about the background of this firm, which to my recollection is called or was called, Davison and Associates and make an assessment for yourself about doing further business with them. You can also google this name inventhelp or Davison and associates and check out the results.


Postby Average Inventor » Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:00 am

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The good news is they aren't in the market to take your invention. The bad news is they just wanted your money. I'm sure they have a system in place to shuffle you around so that they can wait out your credit card chargeback period. I would try to charge back your card stating that your product was not as described. Then site to the CC company that this company has had to pay out over 20 million because they have ripped off inventors for much more then that under different names and you just now realized that's what they are doing so you want your money back.

Postby bottleslingguy » Fri Mar 14, 2008 10:21 am

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Great advice Ave. You're right it is important to understand many if not most ( I think it is most ) of these cos aren't going to bother ripping off your invention, just your money.

Tomaway, lesson learned right? Don't keep throwing money at these scammers no matter what they tell you.