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Theraphy Buddy - Season Two

Postby Michelle » Fri Mar 23, 2007 10:00 pm

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It appears that Anthony had posted this in our Press Release section. I have published it there, but I thought people may appreciate a chance to read it here...

Therapy Buddy

By Anthony M. Salas
imakeit 9 (at) cox.net

You saw him on season one and he is back for season two with the same "Therapy Buddy" He's still blue but now there are two. Did the Producers of American Inventor read the rules? It said if you were in season one you couldn't come back for season two unless the invention was new.

All of us waited in the cold and damp air. I’m glad I had a long sleeve shirt on because when I left Vegas it was warm but that was not the case in LA and I didn’t have a jacket. The other wanna-be inventors were great even those who just came with what if ideas. Some didn’t read the Eligibility Requirements because they were submitting Commercial Products. The rules stated the invention had to be a consumer product, which can be marketed in a retail outlet.

I don’t think a harness used in helicopters to rescue multiple people at one time fits the bill. I must say it is a great idea and the person seemed to know what he was talking about. The rules yes but those rule should have sent him home right from the entering of his application. Well I guess they missed that and let him advance to the first set of judges. It was now about 2 in the afternoon before we got to the judges the inventor who had the harness pointed out to me this person with these blue dolls. He asked me if I remembered him and I vaguely did. I saw him last year when all three judges said no to the invention and there were some comments made that you may say were not politically correct. Well now I am being told he was invited to come back. I was sure he wouldn’t make it passed the judges either after all there were rules we had to follow.

Well I was wrong they made it passed the first round of judges and then it was my turn. All I had was a PowerPoint presentation on an old laptop that I was able to fix. I got into see the judges and my laptop would not boot up but the judges said I could go out and see if I could get it to work. I finally did and the judges said I could go to the next round. They told me not to leave yet as they got to their two-way communicators, asked for some cameras, and then said that I should go to another room and wait.

I got to the other room and all the inventors that had passed the first round were there. All I know after I was there only about ten minutes or so one of the producers came and got me. They said that they wanted to take more footage of me out side and on line. They to say this or that so they could use it for the show. They worked with me, the MC of the show and a group of students who collaborated to come up with an idea, sorry I don’t know what they came up with.

I was sent back to the room after an hour or so and the inventors I was with were wondering why I came back. They thought I went to see the second group of judges. They were still waiting. I spoke to the harness inventor and he filled me in about the person with the Therapy Buddies. He said something about Reader’s Digest requested or ordered that he be invited back. All I know he was there last season and the rules? The rules? They will never get passed the second group of judges after all there were rules. I was wrong again.

Now it was my turn and I got everything ready. It in now 9pm and I’m going to see the judges. I started my PowerPoint presentation and stood on my mark they asked my question about the invention and my health you see I was the first person to have cardiovascular stem cell therapy on the West Coast in 2004. They said that they were letting me go on because and then paused and said just let me say it is good. I was told to see a girl in the other room were we all were waiting.

One of the producers told me to tell her I was next and as I sat down, he asked to speak to her. She got up and walked away as they spoke and when she came back she gave me a copy of a release form and background check to fill out and bring back with me on Wednesday.

Here I was 60 years old and broke with no place to go and had to stick around for two days. I said to myself, I made it this far, there may be a good chance of winning a spot at the semifinals. So that’s what I did I waited two day in California away from my wife and job. I had rented a car so it wasn’t so bad.

On Tuesday, two days after I was told to come back and while I was finishing filling out this form, my cell phone rang. It was a female telling me she was the barer of some bad news. She said that the producers felt that their were other inventions that were better than mine I was no longer invited to come back and meet Peter Jones, George Forman and the other judges.

I can’t tell you how I felt, here I am a man who almost died at the age of 56 and for two years suffered with acute angina pain until I had stem cell therapy. Now at 60 years of age I being told we made a mistake by telling you to come back? My heart dropped with unbelievable disappointment. Two days of doing nothing but calling my friends and letting them know I had made it to American Inventor after all those years of designing for others,

I now had something that might get me out of the financial mess I was in due to my fight to beat the illness I had. I had it all spent half of the million would go to my foundation I started “Celebrities for Stem Cell Research." And the other half would go to paying off my debt and replacing the house and jewelry we lost trying but failing to pay what we owed to so many.

I was mad but more disappointed, the light at the end of the tunnel went dim and all I can still think of are those blue perverted Therapy Buddies, more than likely still in the competition. Wasted two days of my life two days of spending money I couldn’t afford.

Am I just being a sore loser?

But the rules, what about the rules we were told had to be followed?

Postby DaddyMathis » Sat Mar 24, 2007 6:38 am

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It's nice to hear some details...sad story though. I don't think he's being a sore loser. We just have to remember that the therapy buddies and bladder buddies have their place in the show. The producers have probably set aside some places specifically for the "gag" inventions. So, it's not like they're taking any of our spots. Rules are rules, but we've got to remember that the producers can make decisions about the "program" that don't really affect the "competition".

Postby 5rocks » Sat Mar 24, 2007 3:23 pm

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I agree DaddyMathis,

Last year we went on right after the Space Beatly Utopia guy. Although he didn't get the 'yes' votes he needed, he still got the camera time. I am sure he was an actor because he knew how to work the cameras and was talking on the side with some producers. Remember, the Therapy Buddy guy did not get past the judges although he was seen a lot. Don't read in to any of this. Every show has its' serious and funny stuff.