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how safe is it to talk out there while waiting???

Postby bonnie1990 » Tue Apr 03, 2007 10:22 am

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i see these new clips of reporters talking to people waiting in line and they are freely sharing their invention and displaying it for anyone to see, and here how open auditioners are to talking to other auditioners in line.

not to sound like a prude, but if you don't have a patent or have everyone sign a non-dislousure aren't you just opening yourself up to a whole can of worms???

i truely belive in my idea and want to share it, but only with the right people. the ones i have shared it with i totally trust-i just don't see how it is a good idea to broadcast it like that?

if i am wrong please enlighten me-i don't want to seem stuck up at the audution when i don't share... :roll:

Postby Contextion » Tue Apr 03, 2007 2:50 pm

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They advise you to at least get a provisional patent before auditioning. You just have to be sure to file for your patent within a year if you want to tell people and be safe. If you go on TV you will be telling everybody anyway so just be sure to get a provisional patent first because they will probably release you from your contract after a couple months like they did last year. Someone would be taking a big chance trying to steal your idea and just have all their money they invested taken by your lawsuit. If you are trying to win some cash and you do not have a provisional patent you would be best to lie and say you have one so no one would think twice about stealing it.