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Postby Average Inventor » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:15 pm

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Average Inventor
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Way to stick it out! They said there were over 3000 people? In Chicago they got at least 2000 if not more and the line was over a mile long.

Your Average Inventor

Postby bonnie1990 » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:21 pm

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dear average
i never got a "real" number. everytime we got information it was always different and second second hand. all i actually heard out of a producers mouth was that it was bigger than LA & Chicago combined an we were streched over at least 5 blocks of sidewalk

still tomorrow and more rain

Postby Michelle » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:59 pm

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Hey Bonnie:

When I said at least you will get an experience, I did not think that you all would be freezing in the rain. Sorry to hear it.

Interesting that New York had a good turnout. I wonder what they did differently there in terms of promotion. Hmm...

I hope you do FANTASTIC tomorrow and thanks for the update.


Postby bonnie1990 » Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:05 pm

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some people traveled a ways to come to NYC. One man and his sone were all the way from Georgia!. When i asked if he came up here because of the florida dates, he said no-he wanted to compete with a higher caliber of people.

I have a feeling the problem of the dates being changed may have caused some to travel to be sure they got a chance while they knew they were able to.

in my small area of the line i met people from Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Conneticut & of course New York.

well i think i am heading to bed---i'll update again tomorrow night!
thanks for the encouragement & yes-it certainly has been an experience i will NEVER forget!

Postby robertblue » Thu Apr 05, 2007 1:22 pm

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Hey all. My first post here, but I figured I might as well chime in about the NYC auditions.

This was my first time ever explaining my invention to anyone, but the response was overwhelmingly positive from everyone who heard about it. The main reason I even went to the auditions was to get feedback, and if I moved on past that, fantastic. If not, at least I would know if the idea could work in an actual retail market.

I got on line around 6:30-6:45 (it took a while to find the end of it) and that line snaked through NYC, I think about 5 blocks (Not all the way around, just the length), and people were still trying to get on line well after 8 in the morning. The rain started around 9:45-10:00 and did not let up until I was about to actually go in the building...around 4:30. However, the crowd was surprisingly friendly for such horrid conditions. The major problem was a lack of communication between the indoor staff and the outside staff, meaning no one in line knew what was going on. I had done a couple reality auditions before, so I pretty much knew I would get inside based on the length and pace of the line, but I also knew that the line would be cut off probably close to 5:00 and maybe 75-100 inventors behind me (and I was right). They did offer a pre-registration and guaranteed audition for the next day (today) starting at 7:30 in the morning for anyone who wanted to leave the rain but didn't want to give up on the audition, so at least they tried to account for the weather as best as they could.

Once inside, the auditions were so smooth. The staff was very sincere and apologetic about the conditions we suffered through and were grateful that so many people showed up. Some people were even able to get hair dryers to help save their presentation pieces as much as possible.

It was stressed very clearly in the paperwork given to auditioners once inside that the first audition was not a pitch, but an interview, where you would introduce yourself, describe your invention, your inspiration, and how you went about making it. The 2 minute time limit was strictly enforced unless they were on the fence about whether your idea was right for the show. One person who went before me was sent out of the room and told they were going to take ten minutes to discuss his invention before letting him know (he moved on). My audition/interview took about 5-6 minutes because the idea I presented seemed both very simple and very unique that they wanted to know everything I knew about similar products on the market (none), patent conflicts (none that I could find), or any information on products currently in development that might present a challenge in obtaining a patent (none that I know of). The judge point blank said she was absolutely torn about what to do, since she really wanted to move me on (she liked me as a person, she liked my idea, she liked my prototype, she liked my additional visual aids, and she liked how I explained what the development process and future applications could be for it) because of the strength of the idea, but passed because there were other inventions that, while not similar to what I presented in function, were similar in category (apparently she had already passed through a few people with inventions relating to bags/luggage before I saw her) and I didn't move on (which also seems to indicate that if had lined up before the listed earliest line-up time of 6 AM I probably would have moved on). But I was strongly encouraged to pursue protection for the idea and try to sell it as is (no further development necessary in her eyes, I slightly disagree) to different markets.

So while the line-up conditions were the absolute worst I have ever experienced, the actual audition process was far more smooth and fair than any I've been to before (and not just for reality shows, I'm speaking from extensive experience auditioning for film, television, music, and theater) and if there is a third season, I will be coming back with more than one idea that would provide for a bit more interesting television without sacrificing the integrity of quality inventions.

followup to day 2

Postby bonnie1990 » Sat Apr 07, 2007 4:08 pm

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well after having been pre-registered, thursday was a breeze. things were very orginized and i was able to move through very quickly. i didn't get there until around 9:30. there were maybe 20 people left standing oputside waiting with numbers. i was able to go right to security because of my number.
after verifying id i was brought downstairs to a holding area and waited for my number to be called. then was brought upstairs to wait outside the room where the 1st set of judges were.

I wish they gave you some feedback at this level. I got a thank you for coming but no. it would have been nice to know if they just hated my idea (i didn't think so because by invention is targeted for women and i really think the female judge liked it by her reaction), was it me -i was nervous, or was it that my product was one that is to be intergrated with an already existing one (it is an improvement) and maybe they only wanted someting that stands alone.

there was a camera guy, a woman typing on a lap top, and the other young guy asking all the questions. he would glance at the laptop screen sometimes, so i wondered if the camera was linked to it to give an idea of your on screen look or if the woman was letting him know her comments.

so i said my goodbyes to my freinds outside and rushed off for the train. i was done by 11:15 and on my way home on the next train.

There was a guy there who had made it to the show last season but was eliminated in the 2nd show i think i heard.

i think this has really given me another push though. the interviewer seemed to be suprised that i had had my idea for so long 5-10 years and had never really done anything-maybe that was another negative for me. who knows-wish i knew.