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Open to advice...

Postby MedDev » Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:44 pm

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I've posted a couple of times on this forum and I certainly appreciated the feedback I've gotten and I need a bit more from you, if you will.

I've invented a medical device that is an accessory to an existing medical device for patients who are fed by enteral methods. My product is tailored to a very specific device which is manufacturered by a specific company. I've tried to approach the company who manufacturers the enteral device that I accessorize but they are not very friendly and communicative.

My device is unique in that there is no competing device on the market. Although it would require an FDA filing, It would NOT require any type of clinical trials. In addition, with Medicare laws changing with respect to not reimbursing caretakers for patients who acquire infections as a result of enteral feeding, this device is a definite added value to the industry.

So far, I have pitched my invention to 3 different companies. The first company, I did not trust; the second company does not want to pursue it because "it doesn't fix within their plans" and; the third company just hasn't answered any of my followup requests. All 3 of these companies, I should mention, manufacture medical devices.

Although I haven't been able to secure a partner in its production, I have secured a medical group that sees the value and potential of the product I invented and has agreed to distribute the product once manufacturered. This group, alone, moves 365,000 units, monthly, of the product that my invention accessorizes.

I'm not quire sure what the issue is with why I cannot secure a partner, or partners, for getting this product to market. Feedback I get from those I've pitched this to is only positive... but no takers.

I guess what I'm look for is some input, from all of you, on what I should do next.

Thank you in advance.