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Advice From Auditioners on American Inventor

Postby Michelle » Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:44 am

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AmericanInventorSpot.com had put up a questionnaire for people who auditions for American Inventor. We wre thinking that it would be good to cosolidate the advice from people with experience on the show and it would be helpful to folks as a reference for the future.

In doing other things on the site, I just forgot all about it....until now.

Somehow Stephane found the questionnaire and posted her advice.

I still don't know how she found it but I thought her advice may be of interest...and perhaps other inventors would be interested in filling out the questionnaire too?

It's here at http://www.americaninventorspot.com/aisurvey1

Thanks to Stephane for the posting.

Advice from Stephane:

What is the name of your invention?:
Window Washing System

Describe your invention:

Welcome to are new invention!

Window Washing System

Our new window washing machine can be set up to clean the exterior of any window, large or small, on any building, low or skyscraper, by simply pressing a one-touch on/off switch. You will never have to employ a window washing team with ladders, elevators or scaffolding again. Our system is safer, less expensive, and you can wash any one window on any given day. Our system is simply better.



My personal profile


My Radio Interview: www.startupnation.com/pages/radio/RD_August_12_2006.asp
How did you come up with your idea?:

There is always a women in the back of a president.

I was a building superintendent for 8 years: I was in charge of collecting the rent and doing all the renovations for 200 apartments for 5 years!

My wife was washing window exterior with a long stick to reach the impossible access for window tenant that was always asking us to washes there durty window ,My wife try to washes some dangerous window and she toll me if you do not want me to washes those window find me a idea and that's the way the invention came out!

Cordially Stephane Dube inventor.
Did you have a patent when you tried out for American Inventor?: Yes
What would you give as advice to inventors who are auditioning for the next season? (3 things please):

My first advice would be : "IMAGINATION"

Imagination will give you a chance for evolution! Invention will help build a healthy civilized nation! Emotion will be a part of your passion for revolution! Innovation will secure your love of nation! A portion of your success will be made by action! Reason why it will happen will be the motivation! Reaction will solve the planet’s destruction! Information will make us think prevention! Education is the true solution!

My second advice would be : "PASSION and EMOTION"

Inventor with emotion and passion about changing what as to be change to be healthy.

And my last advice : "Focus about the need"

Is there anything else you would want future auditioners for the American Inventor show to know?:

www.startupnation.com is a good place to get prepare for a pitch! :) :)