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All steps of the Auditions

Postby R Douglas » Sat Apr 07, 2007 10:04 am

R Douglas
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I am trying to understand the steps of the audition. This is what I can up with after reading everyones post.

1. You meet with a screener and have a 2 min interview. If the screener like you and your idea you move to the second round.

2. You wait for your second round which is done the same day. You meet with another screener / producer give your pitch tell your story and if they like it you do what.

This is were I am lost. Do they set a time and date to meet with the real judges?

If the real judges like your idea and they select you what happens next?

I read that the first 6 weeks of the show airing will be in each different city and one person from each city will make it to the semi finals and be given $50,000 seed money.

http://www.realitytvmagazine.com/blog/2 ... nvent.html

Just looking to see if any one knows the actual steps to get you to the smi finals

Thanks in advance for your imput