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light up our life product search

Postby makeworldbetter » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:46 am

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This one is on Edison nation, Spencer's is looking for light related product. I think it's interesting.

Challenge: Light up our life! Edison created the lightbulb. Spencer's made it fun. Now they're looking for new lighting products for the 21st Century.
Details: When Thomas Edison created the light bulb, it changed the world as we knew it. The industrial revolution would not have been the same without it. Sure, it meant we no longer had an excuse to stop working when the sun went down but it also meant we could party all night long.

From night clubs to basement parties, since 1947, Spencer's has been lighting up the night - and our smiles.

Close your eyes and think about all of the awesome specialty lighting Spencer's has brought to our bedrooms and basement parties over the decades:
1960s: Lava Lamps (and they're still cool - take that Pet Rock!)
1970s: Disco Balls
1980s: Strobe Lights
1990s: Plasma Fountains
2000s: Laser Lights
There has been tremendous innovation in lighting in the past few years but nobody has made it fun yet. That's where you come in! Spencer's wants to hit the next decade partying to the hottest new lighting systems and carrying around (or wearing) the coolest new lighting devices.

Show us your "bright" ideas that have the staying power to show up at parties "light" years to come.

If your idea is selected, you will receive annual payments based on commercialization as well as a $2,500 advance. There is no limit to the number of ideas that may be selected for each search.

The deadline for this search is October 13, 2008.

Postby minnesotainventor » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:45 pm

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If you consider Litroenergy as your new lightsource when creating the products you will be way ahead of the curve.

Our samples of Litroenergy should be available in about 3 weeks.


Steve Stark