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Need a little advice

Postby chumleypm » Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:11 pm

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So i have an idea and was going to use a developer like davison to market my product. it is a simple, yet highly effective product which could definitly be marketable. i have checked different resources and i was wondering if i could get some sort of advice or a estimate on pricing. you see, even though i know i would use it regularly, my budget is limited and i am definitly worried about getting burned. the materials used for a demo product would be minimal at best, but an initial cost of 700 usd is required to even start with davison. i also read that the cost could exceed 10000 usd. my product is not digital and very simple. i would just like a little advice.

Postby Work2XL » Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:07 pm

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I don't have any specific knowledge of Davidson, but I would be VERY leery of using a marketing company to take over a project while they bleed you dry of money. I would look at their record. The research I had done several years ago showed that less than .003 of submissions ever recoup the outlay of costs when using this type of company. Depending on what you need for a proof of concept or prototype for your particular idea, if you are creative I'm sure you can do it yourself without hemorrhaging cash.

If you project involves plastic parts I can point you in the right direction or at least give you suggestions if you want.

Send me an email if you want any input. work2xl@comcast.net
If you don't have a nondisclosure agreement I can send you one that you can modify to fit your needs. In the email give me a GENERAL field of your invention. ie medical device for breathing, board game, golf training aid ect. I am under a few nondisclosure agreements and I would rather not have two projects of the same nature.

Do think you really want to do this

Postby Mr Invention » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:06 am

Mr Invention
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I have got over 125 new products ready for marketing over the past 40 years. Some were successful and some were not. The most important thing is that I gained a lot of experience over the past 40 years and now I feel confident enough to say that I think I know more about the ENTIRE idea business than anyone in the world. I also have experience in finance and international business. I have communicated with over 500,000 people with ideas in the past 40+ years and unfortunately those that actually had any money to go with their idea (About .003%) didn't know where or how to spend that money thus they were unsuccessful. With a total business background of over 60 years, I have made all of the mistakes one can make in numerous business ventures and have learned from my own personal expensive mistakes thus I think I can provide advise that is hard learned versus what one would read in a book. I would be willing to advise you but if you have no money like most (99.97%) of inventors, please do not waste both of our times. My remaining time must be quality and meaningful. I do not have time to deal with people with pipe dream and pies in the sky. I did not become a self-made millionaire by sitting around hoping and praying, I had to put money where my mouth is and take risk.