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Everyday / EdisonNation Gone Unchallenged

Postby Whamzam » Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:55 am

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It seems that everybody is on this bandwagon of giving Everyday Edisons / EdisonNation a free pass. Somehow sucked into and caught up in the concept that the promoters and business engine of this group are upright all the way, and deserve not to be questioned about anything.

I think it is a reputation that has been blown out of proportion and gone unchecked and unchallenged. This Everyday Edisons show showcased about the same period as the American Inventor show. Since AI was quickly recognized as the enemy to many in the inventor community, there had to be something to contrast it with. Thus, Everyday Edisons was in the right place at the right time, and received a magical instant reputation of being "The good guys". (When you compare black to gray, gray looks very bright).

I have some points that I believe people overlook about this Edison group, when they are looking for their 15 minutes, or shot at the big time:

* Just because the show is aired on PBS doesn't legitimize the fact that they do not need to boost ratings by any means available. For example, in their request for photos and/or videos of your invention, they relate something to the effect: "Preferrably, you the inventor should be the person demonstrating the invention in any photos and/or videos sent with the submission..." .....Why? If it is all about merit of the invention, what difference does it make who demonstrates it? This is a clear clue to me that looks and/or personality play into their selection/s of inventors / inventions selected to be featured.

* On their web site, they (staff) actually mingle, chat, and/or network with members having a friend selection feature whereby the staff is not barred from being friends with members. I don't see how that no bias would then not be involved in any selection process. If someone played Monopoly at McDonalds, and won the grand prize... Later the media reports that such person was friends with either an executive at MickyD's or on the judging group assigned to handle such sweepstakes... what would at least the court of public opinion believe?

* I saw one of those "Everyday Edsions" invented some kind of personal ping pong table. I mean really people... If you think that product will sell like hotcakes, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona. I can't even picture it being on the shelves at Wal-Mart. It will take a heck of a marketing machine just to allow them to introduce it on any major marketing venue. And if is still on the shelves 3 years from now it will baffle marketing experts to no end. The inventor admitted that he thought of the invention on a moments notice upon hearing about the show..... Wow, alot of "Edison thought" went into that... First of all, if it is something that nearly anyone can make fast and easily, even if they want it, there is no need to buy it.

* I saw a fitness product that will sell. But then again fitness products are always introduced to the market, and do usually do well. But it is by no means an "Edison Invention" that alot of marketing professionals believe will most likely be around for at least 3 years.

* Have you seen any evidence of any success rate? Of all the inventions that get submitted, what is the percentage that this company gets on the market, and perhaps more importantly, how long do the products stay on the market?

* This business seems to be building alliances that are dangerous to the inventor community as a whole. For example, getting exclusive interviews with executives at the USPTO; An incentive for Inventors Digest to write only favorably about the business (automatic subscriptions to the magazine for paying members). If any such kind of private business is established as "the authority" it will not be good for independent inventors as a whole.

* Alot of their members seem to project a reality TV "survivor" approach, trying to establish favoritism with the staff, and eliminate other members. The gossiping that appears to go on, and the enabling of gossiping by the characteristics of the web site appear to promote such kind of behavior, which when you step back and look at it, could very well diminish the integrity of the merit of the final inventors selected for anything.

Of course, all of this may be just my opinion. But legitimate points that, sine nobody else seems to have challenged this machine, need to be surfaced.

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Postby inventor-x » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:47 pm

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Right on.

Someone needs to step forward & create a format for Inventors that really helps, supports & finance Inventors to get there Inventions into the marketplace.

Inventors need finished products to qualify for QVC, HSN or other Invention contest like Oprah's Million Dollar Idea, American Inventor or Dragons Den etc....


Postby Boom Man » Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:04 pm

Boom Man
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Yea, I don't know where these people came from, but what gives them the right to call themselves experts?

Have they came from the independent inventor stage and brought a product to market? And if so, how many times, and at what profit margin?

Its just like with American Inventor, you have these "judges" judging you and your invention... What the hell qualifications and credentials do they have to judge?

They are very much like American Inventor on many fronts. They also don't want inventions that are already developed because they want in on the design process.. So they can say that they helped an inventor with their "expert" design staff.

Well if you can't design the product yourself, then you are not the only and true inventor of a product. And if you only have an idea, but don't
have any idea how to make the product or how it would be made... the patent office has a good synopsis for this: If you can't teach someone skilled in the art how to make and use the invention.... Well then you didn't invent it.

This Edison BS group is hurting the real hard working inventors of the world, and giving inventors a bad name by celebrating the more amature inventors. Rather than the inventors who have paid and pay their dues.
These "inventors" who come in with an idea on a napkin are by no means Edisons or Dr. Kearns style inventors.

Don't trust Inventors Digest

Postby Whamzam » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:58 am

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Well you know not to trust Inventor's Digest anymore...

The magazine is in bed with this Edison group. There is no possible way that the magazine can remain unbiased toward/about this Edison business. They bring the magazine automatic subscriptions and readership. And the editor of ID is very much tied to this group. They gave him some sort of ego platform with his own expert forum, but I don't see what makes him an expert...

Postby DCinNC » Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:31 pm

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Hey Boom Man,

If you want to learn about the "experts" and their credentials check out the product development company's website www.enventys.com

Also Everyday Edisons is partnered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.....I doubt they would align with an un-legit company.

Have you guys actually watched the show?


Postby citizen » Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:28 am

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If you think Edison Nation or Everyday Edison is in it simply out of charity, you'd be wrong. They are a business first, but I also believe they are the best thing out there currently for beginning and experienced inventors.

Are they perfect, of course not, but they are receptive to input and feedback. I for one visit the site daily. I have been a VERY vocal person when it comes to many aspects of EN. Although I know they strongly disagree, or at least are not happy with some of my opinions on particular details, they still provide a forum for me to voice them.

I think they are still in their infancy stages and they are growing and learning as they go.

I thought the show was informative and entertaining. As far as the ping pong game...called Monster Pong and invented by Ispot regular Matthew Flemming, it was picked up by Dick's Sporting goods. I don't think Everyday Edisons is "in bed" with them. They are a successful store and wouldn't make rash decisions on a product they thought would flop.

I respect your opinion, but mostly disagree.


Postby Whamzam » Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:11 am

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DC in North Carolina,

You say: "Also Everyday Edisons is partnered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office"

Yea, that's exactly one of the points i mentioned in the original post. But how on earth do you intrepret that as a good thing?

Just like they are partnered with the magazine Inventors Digest... So how on earth do you think the magazine could possibly write anything negative at all about the business? In the publishing world, you would be out of your mind not to be biased for an entity that brings in at least a good portion of your subscriptions.

"[[...Partnered with the USPTO...]]" OK so what if AT&T partnered with the FCC (Federeal Communications Commision) ?; You think that's good?

What if Bank Of America partnered with the SEC?

I also looked at those "experts"; I see alot of education, but little real world experience as far as they themselves having come from the ground up as independent inventors and be successful purely as independent inventors.

Like BoomMan, I also question why they seem to prefer to take inventions in their most infant stages. The only logical explanation to me, is that they want to take some form of credit in the design and development process so that they can point to how much they helped an inventor.

Postby Envizion » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:28 am

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I disagree with Whamzam also. I visit the EN forum daily and I see the interaction between the staff and the members and there are no favorites that I can see. They are there to answer questions that the members have about anything and everything. That I think plays a major part in why their forum is so active. People want their questions acknowledged and EN is not too big or too busy to answer them. How often will you find the CEO of a company take the time to listen to what the members have to say? They have people that can easily to that for them!!!

As far as the reality TV and alliances and things of that nature, that is just fun and games. There are no real alliances. Everyone is friendly and very much willing to help one another. We are all the independent inventors and we all want to see each other succeed. It's ok to make jokes once in a while, we're only human.

I appreciate your opinion Whamzam, but it is the opinion of someone from the outside looking in. Take a minute or two to learn the people who post on the forum and you will learn the truth. And if it were that easy to shmooze the staff of EN, then I must be missing out on something because it's not happening for me or anyone else I know.


Postby mojo62 » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:01 am

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EN is probably fine. I am curious, and would like to know what kind

of licensing agreements and the type of money the selected inventors

got out of the program. If you are familar with AI show, the only inventors

that made anything of their products were the ones that did it themselves.

You hear no successes or updates from the ones that were winners. Let's

open up and hear what these people gain.

I do agree that the true inventors do prove a product with a working

prototype, but also understand that it is possible to put something on

paper only and make it happen sometimes. Roger B. has shown that to be

possible. Does EN select napkin sketches over proven prototypes in order

to claim the development and gain a share? If that is what the show is

geared towards, please let inventors know what level to bring to the table

so they don't waste the time, money and effort.

Postby Whamzam » Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:10 pm

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It is a show very much like AI. The producers very much seem to feel like they need to get in on the design and development process. That's why I feel the show/group is very inappropriately titled. Edison didn't have people helping him design, prototype and develope his inventions. Once you have people doing that, you are not the only inventor of a product. And probably not even the most important player in bringing the invention to the world. Ideas are worth a dime a dozen. Everybody has them.

If we used this EN litmus test or model to determine what makes an inventor, everybody would be an inventor, and there would be nothing at all special about being an inventor since everybody can jot down a good idea and sketch on a napkin.