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Really Enjoy This Site

Postby AugieG » Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:49 pm

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Hi - I enjoy coming onto InventorSpot and reading the news about what other people are inventing and selling. I just read about all the gift suggestions on the opening page.

Today is my mom's 81st birthday and I got her this keyboard. I wouldn't normally buy her something like this but she asked for it! She is visually impaired and just loves this keyboard. She is an avid Ebay junkie at 81.

Us Babyboomers will be needing some products like this in the near future - and we're a big group.

Grandparent Gift Idea 3.
Keys U See Keyboard

Your grandparents are totally Internet-savvy, but the keyboard that came with their computer is hard to see. The Keys U See keyboard has a big, bold typeface -- same size keys and keyboard, just larger letters and numbers. The keyboard comes in three colors, so check with your grandparent to find out what is easier for her to see: yellow on black, white on black, and black on white. Check out the Keys U See Keyboard here.