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Adjustable single-coil design.

Postby rdclmn7 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:45 am

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Making use of offset L-shaped plastic platforms its possible to adjust the strings, three at a time to avoid the dreadful inbalance that most players experience between the 3d and 4th string.
The coil has to be suspended from the top of the pickup cover and there is only enough space for either blades or small diameter polepieces.
The platform will use either magnetic polepieces or blades/polepieces that are attached to a magnet below.
The dimensions and tolerances are viable, and the design/manufacture is neither complicated nor that different from the many options already available.
Its adrop-in design that doesn't need modification to any given stringed instrument, its adaptable to instruments like those of the violin family through the use of a simple suspended plastic/rubber mount.
The design is adaptable to almost all known string instruments while avoiding the feedback associated with acoustic pickups.