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pressure-driven boats & ship

Postby raydi89 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:58 am

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i have this idea... and making drawing plans for it too...

...sea vessels that runs on seawater....
...i mean, the sea itself drives them....
...or sea vessels gets drive & power from the sea itself!

which can greatly save on sea vessel's fuel consumption...

with the gravity pull of the earth, and the pressure of seawater running through large pipes, can also be utilized to run boats, ships or subs.

the idea is to balance the force of water pushing into a ship's pipes, and forcing it back to the sea (underneath the ship), which could create a driving force given the proper angles. and another pipe directed to drive forward.

we can also attach generators to provide electrical power.

i still have to make the experiments though.

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Re: pressure-driven boats & ship

Postby Wcoltd » Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:13 pm

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I don't know about that, sounds to me like an over unity power cycle - it looks like from what you described to me to violate the conservation of energy, that would be highly improbable. Trust me, I wasted a good bit of time on ideas like that. It's educational though for sure.

but there is an idea for cargo ships powered on sea water that might work, if you haven't looked up John Kansas, you might want to take a look, apparently if you have just the right intensity and frequency radio wave, you can cause salt water to combust its probably one of the most promising discoveries in the history of science, apparently it leads to 3000 centigrade combustion. It could be a fraud, but I don't think so, it just seems to me like one of those stories that might actually be true.

Re: pressure-driven boats & ship

Postby Tarious » Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:37 pm

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Yeah, I'd learn about the three laws of thermodynamics (you can't win the game, you can't break even, the game never stops) and throw some physics/chemistry in there while you're at it. Wcoltd is right about it being a learning experience. I wouldn't spend too much time chasing the idea of a perpetual engine.

--you can get hydrogen and oxygen from plain water, but the energy in electricity you spend to separate these molecules will surpass the energy that you get out of burning them. You can't win the game.

This all gets more complicated but that's not a reason to not look into better ways to harness energy; just do some solid historical and scientific research before you chase after things like this.

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