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Postby westnova » Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:15 am

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I have a big problem with my invention. It is realy simple but gets realy complicated quickly. It is just a trianglular module with concave sides and a slot in each corner so the modules can be put together and they form a sculpture that resembles a frozen explosion that is copyrighted. the modules are trademarked. They can be seen at the USPTO site under pat. no. 3940100. The problem is that depending on how you use them they range from quantum physics to aircraft wing concepts and that is just the begining of it. I want to introduce it in it's quantum mechanics concept but will likely be laughed off the stage. I have the sculpture made up as a kit for sale but no takers yet from all the stores that I have approached. Anybody out there hade a similar problem or an idea on how to break out with this ? Would like to hear from you. Wes :roll: