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this crazy business

Postby westnova » Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:55 am

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Having gotten patents,copyrights, and trademarks and having been taped for the first season of American Inventor, I can't help but think what a crazy business this inventing business is. When I found out that Boeing got into the aircraft business just to be able to deliver mail by air and not for the thrill of flying it made me wonder if maybe there are two type of inventors or maybe even more. Some in it for the money and those who are just looking for another way to do things easier and better. The former have the advantage of being business oriented and seeing the invention as a means of making money and the latter of the thrill of doing something that no one else has done. I myself am the latter in that I have always been facinated by the different and the unusual and that has been the thrill for me. Am I in the minority or the majority here? Check you later. Wes