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Invention Companies Offer Patent Help...and Other Scams

Postby Jack09 » Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:13 pm

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When I think of an inventor, people like De Vinci, Ben Franklin, Edison, and Bell come to mind. Now days
it seems anyone with an idea is an inventor. Granted, we do have people coming up with marvelous and very
creative ideas. We see it all the time on late night info commercials. The reality is that less then 10% of patents
even make it to market. I think it’s because most so-called inventors, don’t take the time to investigate if there is
even a market for their product. None the less, thousands of people have ideas that are going to make them rich,
and they don’t know where to start.

That is where your friendly Invention Company comes to the rescue. The thing is, they all offer legitimate services
and have clients who have actually made money. Oh what money you can make too. A license agreement is the
Golden Fleece for inventors. Many times a company who likes your idea will pay as much as $100,000 or more,
in up-front money. Then the monthly residuals can also be in the thousands. Remember that 10% I talked about,
well that pertains to the Invention Companies as well.

I’m not going to name names, because most of them operate in the same manner. You can always Google invention
companies. I’m sure you will find more than a handful listed. I’m also equally as sure if you go to Rip Off Report you’ll see
many of them listed there as well. Almost all of these companies reel their fish in the same way, with the offer of a free gift or evaluation.

Invention Companies don’t want to scare you, so they usually offer to send out the FREE obligatory Invention Kit. It is always
presented in a very attractive and professional package. They all send a beautiful brochure, and some even include a CD
showing what a great organization you are getting involved with. Of course there is always information on Patent Help.
They want to plant that seed of protecting your fantastic idea right away. The other document they enclose is your safe
form to submit your idea. (This can also be accomplished online through their secure website) It won’t take very long
before they contact you, believe me.
When they contact you, it is always with good news. Your idea or invention has enormous potential. Before we can
move forward however, it must first be determined if there is someone who came up with your idea first. Now it just so
happens that they have put together the most efficient team of researchers, so they can keep the cost of a Patent Search
very reasonable. The price they charge is somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$700. Of course once they determine
yours is a unique idea, then they will be there to assist you with a Patent. That cost is not quoted of course, because
they must do the Patent Search first.
For those unsuspecting “inventors” who let them do the Patent Search, the company also offers the complete line
of services, designed to take your idea from concept to market. By this time you have fully researched them. Their
Brochure has listed the hundreds of manufactures just waiting to buy your product. All we need now is the perfect
PROTOTYPE. For only $10,000 to $15,000 of your money, they will design, build, and “market” your brainchild, and
take only 10-15% of what you make.

The “marketing” consist in most cases, of false promises. The so-called manufacturing contacts, constitutes no more
then listing your invention on a website that prospective buyers can view. A good prototype will occasionally be
presented at trade shows. Most cases however, sadly end up with a $20,000+ souvenir for their efforts.
There are a few Invention Companies that do offer to pay for everything, if your idea or invention is worthy of their
investment. Of course they will take a piece of the pie,20-25%. That seems fair. If they’re footing the bill, then they are
surly going to do everything to get you that licensing agreement. The “hook” here is that an evaluation must first
be performed, to determine the validity of your project. That will be priced at about $200. Now if you truly believe yours
is the next best thing, this is the way to go. It was for me. I will warn you however, your idea must be marketable to
absolutely everyone, or don’t waste your money. I came about 12 points from acceptance, because I was catering
to a niche market. A very large niche, but none the less, a niche market. I don’t regret the investment however, I was
able to learn a little more about the business. They told me about the Provisional Patent. Which for only $100 will give
you protection for a year. Let the manufacture who buys the idea pay for your real Patent. Something you’ll never hear
from those other invention companies. They also guided me in the direction of some website’s that manufactures
peruse. Which brings me to this little tip for you. Never send anyone anything original without first doing:
It is something I learned about when I was a young writer submitting television treatments. Any original thought or
idea that you come up with, should be protected with this procedure. On paper, write down everything about your idea,
including all drawings or plans. Then mail it to yourself as registered mail. It will be timed stamped and dated. Keep
it safe because it is considered a legal document, and will hold up in court.

Well now that I knew about patent searches, patents, and provisional patents, I thought what else didn’t I have
knowledge of. Further research led me to an offer by a very respected inventor. He has dozens of patents, many of which
has made him extremely wealthy. For only $350.00 he sends you his system that shows you how to take an idea and market it. The system also includes the inventor as your very own mentor. Believe me, if I spent the $350.00, I would be giving you his name and website right now. But I found something equivalent for a fraction of that cost.

Frank Stapleton the co-inventor of the Screensweep, has written an E-Book that tells you everything you need to know. Chances are you have used his invention to clear the dust off your computer monitor. Millions of Screensweeps have been sold since 1998 and are still selling today. His book covers everything, including:
* Patent an invention without paying the hefty patenting fees.
* How to get your product to market quickly WITHOUT wiping out your entire life savings or mortgaging your home.
* The EXACT sequence of events you need to follow to launch your invention idea. Just follow the simple step-by-step flow chart included in the e-book.

Please, before doing anything read this book. You can find it at:

I invested almost $200.00 before getting on the right track. I
Hope I have helped you to at least understand better, the
Invention Company’s game.