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Postby abacus » Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:23 pm

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Just wondering if anybody remembered Patentcafe before they diversified.

I was going to post an article address:

http://www.ipfrontline.com/depts/articl ... 2&deptid=3

And then realised it was on the Patentcafe web-site.

There are big changes.

I remember it when it was very like this forum.There were inventor resources and live sessions with experts[Micheal Neustal among them] and it was very much about helping the independant inventor.

It then became investor orientated[I remember that happening,which was quite a shock],and now it sells a range of products.

What struck me on seeing this,and seeing the transformation,was that it was more evidence that there is money in 'them thar IP hills.'