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miniature model railroad manufacturing

Postby ron peterson » Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:02 pm

ron peterson
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In the past few years I have built two fully operational model railroad boom cranes at 1:48 G scale. Preliminary market advertising was greeted with a huge positive responce. I have had several model railroad large scale magazine publishers contact me and personally request permission for market distributor and free advertizing.
This operational model is the only one of its kind utilizing six 12 volt dc. brush gear head motors. I have designed and built operational clamshells and twin point log claws, none of these operating excessories exist.
I am in need of some people who not can invent but can also design fully integrated digital electrical controll systems and who understand operational mechanical miniature assemblies. I am interested in talking with a few people who would be interested in partiscipating in small, gauranteed return investments in a short term turn around.
A small number of G scale model railroaders have the crane and operational acessories added to their layouts and have reported that the product has completely changed and enhanced the operational vistas of the lay-out. Its potential for the model railroad market which grosses over $1 billon annually is truely vast.

Re: miniature model railroad manufacturing

Postby Scrupulous » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:22 pm

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Welcome, Ron.

You sound fairly driven about this.

Our private messaging system here can get kinda dicey. So, you might want to leave an email address on this thread...

Keep us in the loop with your miniature model railroad endeavors, if you will. (no pun intended)