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Looking for Help...

Postby Bryank » Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:41 pm

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I am new to this forum and am looking forward to the opportunity to finally touch bases with, not only my fellow inventors but potential investors who would be interested in the work I am doing.

Currently I am looking for advice and/or an investor who would be interested in this particular project.

The project involves the development of an understudied and largely miss understood electrical phenomena known as homopolar induction. This form of electromechanical induction was co-discovered with electromagnetic induction by Micheal Faraday. For the most part this phenomena has been relegated to a largely impractical and uniquely specific area of electrical production.

I have conducted research and experimentation over the last few years with the purpose of isolating and examining the source of this type of induction so that it can be better understood, with the hope of finding a way to exploit, for practical purposes, this unique method of producing electricity.

The term homopolar refers to the induction of an electrical current by exposing a conductor to a single pole of a specific magnetic source. This magnetic source is typically manifest in a permanent ferromagnetic material where the field does not fluctuate. The conductor is then put in motion relative to the field in a manner that dose not involve the conductor leaving the magnetic field or traversing any space where the field strength fluctuates. That is the nature of the phenomena because the current electromagnetic induction theory states that the conductor must be exposed to a changing magnetic field for an electrical current to be induced.

This type of induction is typically not practical because it produces very high current values with very low voltages with ratios like 10000 amps/1 volt. With high currents comes high temperatures and as such does not lend itself to practical applications in electrical systems or electronic devices. There are applications where high currents are desired but very few. It is for this reason that this phenomena has not been explored for application in modern manufacturing.

There is another interesting aspect to this type of induction system that should be pointed out. The most interesting and probably the most important fact associated with this type of induction system is that the conductor and induction magnets can be fixed to one another and still produce the same current that they would produce if they where separate. This phenomena is unique to homopolar induction. The important thing to understand is that by physically attaching the induction magnet with the conductor energy losses, associated with Back-EMF or the backward torque that is normally present for Electromagnetic induction systems, are removed. By and large the backward torque in the armature is what requires more work to be done to produce more current. The larger the energy produced the larger the backward torque on the armature. The backward torque on the homopolar system is not gone, rather the force is negated by the medium used to fix the induction magnet and conductor together.

My goal was to find a design that would allow for a more practical electrical current where the voltages and the amperages where much closer by ratio(1 amp/2volts as an example would be ideal). By eliminating the backward torque on the armature and producing practical energy values this design can reach levels of efficiency unheard of by todays standards.

I have tested a design that shows great promise toward my goals. To this end there is much more research and development that needs to be done to refine this design. As I am just your average Joe, so to speak, I lack the resources to move forward in a timely manner and am currently looking for help.

I am a reasonable person. I understand that suspicions and concerns need to be addressed as well as issues concerning failure and success. I am prepared to take any reasonable steps to allay those concerns that may come up and make the necessary promises and/or agreements to move forward in a direction that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Sorry for the extended post. I wanted to make sure anyone who read it understood as much as was practical in order to understand what I was asking for and why. There is a great deal about the design I am not willing to discuss on an open forum like this but I am more than happy to answer generalized questions about the work I have done. So feel free to ask away and comment all you like... All I ask is that you be respectful and on topic.



Re: Looking for Help...

Postby Derek Pater » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:37 pm

Derek Pater
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Contact other Inventors like Woody Norris, if he see's value in your project he has the cash to Bankroll your project.


I would stay well away from venture capitalist's and work with very successful Inventors in a Simular field to your work, Inventors understand other Inventors better!.

Plus a Experianced Inventor like Woody Norris would save you a lot of problems, also listern to you gut feeling with bussiness relationships, if it sounds to go to be true, there is alway a reason. Bussiness is about relationships and friendships, yes contracts are important but your mates will watch your back and save you from big trouble, so make sure you go to the Pub and have a few beers and get to know the people you are doing bussiness with.

This is very Important in Asia to make the effort to eat their food and respect their culture!

:D :D